Holiday Shopping Tips for Children and Parents
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Juli Auclair gives you some ideas for holiday gifts to buy for children and parents.


Holiday Shopping Tips for Children and Parents Hi everybody. If holiday shopping is stressing you out this year, let us give you some gifts suggestions so that you can enjoy the holiday season. Parents TV staffers pick to these products at some of their favorite this year. So let’s start with one that I really love. The Early Rider Balance Bike which is designed for children between two and five years old. It's a two-wheel bike with no pedals that really helps kids learn balance, so it's easier to transition to a regular bike without training wheels and it's so cute. And you can't ride without a helmet, right? In this line of nut case helmets is adorable and safe. It has a spin dial fit system and it is designed to snugly fit toddlers up to the age of five. They have other cool designs for boys and girls and I love that it says, “I Love my Brain”, on the back of it. Okay now, some classic toys that we played with when we were kids that are still around today. Do you remember original Colorforms? How can you forget? I love these. They are created in 1951 by students to decorate their walls. The possibilities are just endless with 350 vinyl pieces and they even appear to car windows for those long holiday trips. It’s so cool. Okay next, we have tinker toys, the Classic Construction Toy that dates back to 1914. You can build shapes, structures, animals and more. My sister and I played with these for hours when we were kids. And finally, we have Raggedy Ann and Andy. Remember how cute these were. I had one when I was a little girl. Raggedy Ann, the story was written back in 1915 and Andy came along five years later and the dolls are still bringing kids joy today. For Dad now, I just love this frame by homeworks, et cetera. Every child has a hero. I call mine Daddy, isn't that cute, what a wonderful gift this would be for any Dad. I put a picture of my husband and my son and I know that my husband would really treasure this. We can't forget Mom though. How about for Mom? These t-shirts, this the Me Time T-Shirt, and we really like this one that says, “When Mom is happy, everyone is happy”, isn't that the truth, right? Check out their website for other great designs. We also like the “Just Be” line of t-shirts and apparel the idea behind Just Be, is it a state of mind, the way of life, the philosophy. They have shirts for babies and kids and these one is really cute, “Just to be a Skier”. And this one for Mom is Just Be – here we go, “Just be Yourself”, I really like that a lot. Okay, now, if your kids like doing arts and crafts projects, they’re going to love Wikki Stix. It’s so cute. You may remember, they are for ages three and up and they’re made with wax infused yarn and they’re slightly sticky so they’ll adhere to almost any smooth surface and they come right off. Look at this really cute 3D figure stone here. We have got a tree and a present made by Britney, our intern and his son, and our production crew here. He made to be very impressed with your talents you guys. Okay Kimochi’s toys with feelings inside are a great communication tool for kids. Here’s the Kimochi cat, right over here. It’s a plush character that comes with the set of mini pillows with the feelings curious, happy and cranky printed on them. They can be stored right in the special pocket in the front. The Kimochi’s help kids get in touch with their emotions. Check out their website for other characters and pillows too. Now the handmade Zooni, Mop Top Hat and Muppet mitten collection, is this cute? There not only fun and adorable but there are warm and practical. They have a fleece lining and they are crocheted. They fit newborns through age five. There are lots of other designs. These are the little mittens on their website. Now this is a gift for someone who moved into their first apartment and you’re afraid that they’re not going to eat anything, but take out. Mama says No More Frozen Pizza, is a collection of simple recipes for the new cook like, baked potatoes, or a meal like baked tilapia and veggies. I love how each card has its own recipe and picture with a cute idea. Now were going to stay with the cooking theme. Girls eight and up will love making mini tiered fondant cakes. They can customize and decorate with the girl gourmet cake bakery. You can make them right in the microwave, no ovens involved, and it comes with tools and ingredients to make two cakes and you can buy refills. The best part, the ingredients are glutton and wheat free and made in a nut-free facility. Personalize magazine covers from are a unique gift. This one down here is great from Mom – Mom of the Year. I know I would love that one. You can just go to the website and design your own magazine cover using a template of photo and some fun facts about the person for the headlines. We’ve really like this book down on the front. It’s called “I’ve Got a New Home”, it’s by Taryn Grimes-Herbert from her I've Got Interactive Books series, and it’s a great gift for kids who are moving into a new house. There’s a story and activities to help kids kind of sort out their feelings. Another book that’s not only fun for kids but it helps them learn is, “Let’s Get Redy for Kindergarten” and also that’s for ages two through six, and its in Spanish and English and “Let’s Get Ready for First Grade”, for ages five to eight and they’re by Stacey Kannenberg. And kids will also love the personalized coloring books from There are fun to color and read, the story is great, it’s personalized just for your child. This one makes personalize for me, Princess Juli, thank you so much. Well finally, for Dad or anyone with an iPhone or an iPod is the iDox Traveler Series case. You can use it to protect your iPhone and as a stand to watch movies, Podcasts, great gifts, right? Well we hopefully help you with your shopping list. Happy Holidays everybody from all of us here at ParentsTV.