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If you are looking for the perfect gifts to make your Christmas a memorable one, lifestyle expert Krista Herman is here to make the magic happen.


Holiday Kids Gifts Audra Lowe: A lot of people out there looking for the perfect gift just to make you children’s Christmas a memorable one. And lifestyle expert Krista Herman is here. She is going to make all the magic happen. You really have a variety of gifts here for kids, then the kids are going to love you, mom and dad are going to love you too, right? Krista Herman: Yeah, some good value. Audra Lowe: Exactly! We got a lot to get through. Krista Herman: Yeah. Female 1: So, let’s go with the first one. What do you has? Spongebob? Female 2: Okay. Yeah, let’s start out down here. Spongebob’s Truth or Square, it’s a really fun video game from THQ. And it helps you know, kids will help Spongebob Square retrace the happiest moments of his life as he is looking around for the crabby patty recipe. And it comes in those four different formats, Nintendo DS, Wii, Xbox 360 and PSP. Instead of that I have Kmart for the very first time has unveiled the 15 list of hot toys. So, these are toys that promote long term play and creativity like these Live Dolls here with stylish little outfits. Also the Handy Manny’s Repair Shop comes with the circular press and saw and drill, all kinds of things when you got for that. Audra Lowe: Those are really popular too. Krista Herman: Yeah, they love them. They love those. Audra Lowe: Okay. Krista Herman: Up in the frame here, we have an updated classic version of the— Audra Lowe: Clue! Krista Herman: Yeah. Clue is new with Secrets and Spies Edition. So players immerse themselves in a world of international espionage and it’s actually the first time that Hasbro added the text messaging features so that it turns the cellphone into a little secret spy weapon. Audra Lowe: Okay that will keep people busy for a long, long time. Krista Herman: Yeah. Audra Lowe: Next we’re going to go to what called One-Share. Krista Herman: Yeah. One-Share. Audra Lowe: It is interesting. Krista Herman: This teaches the kids the value of money and investing and saving. You can give a one share stock certificate in your child’s favorite brand. Audra Lowe: And we will try to lift it up just a little bit so you guys could see there. All right, go ahead. Krista Herman: Like Disney or DreamWorks, whatever and then it also comes with this book which comes free and is the website, you can brows all the stocks. Audra Lowe: It’s a very smart gift to give as well. Krista Herman: Yeah totally so they know what they're doing in the market. Audra Lowe: Right. Krista Herman: One stop shopping, savings, destinations here. Family dollar, you can really take off a lot from under your tree. Hundreds of brand name toys and gifts that are price of $5.00 and less like the Disney Dress Like a Princess and the little tea set there also the Hot Wheels five packing, go to and find some—yeah, some locations. Audra Lowe: Right. Krista Herman: Up in the front, the DVD player, Zumba Fitness which is a popular Latin dance inspire fitness workout has now launched Zumbatomic which is a new fitness DVD for ages four to 12. So, kids get moving to hip-hop and pop and it has some story lines and they are only available at Audra Lowe: And people swear by that. Krista Herman: Oh, Yeah. Audra Lowe: So, they—for the kids obviously. Krista Herman: It’s fun, yeah. Audra Lowe: And I like this digital camera here. Krista Herman: It’s kid isn’t it? Audra Lowe: Yeah. Krista Herman: You know your kids can become the in-house photographer and official events—this is the Discovery Kids digital camera, has up to 120 photos that it stores on there and you can connect it to computers or email the pics to friends, available in Beda, Bath and Beyond. Audra Lowe: I like it. It’s got the little handles for them to hold on, smart, smart. Krista Herman: Yes. Audra Lowe: Okay. Krista Herman: These handbags here, these are the three collections and it’s the young women backpacks and messenger bags. They are affordably priced and water resistant and they have tons of compartments so that it keeps the kids organized. And it comes with little matching pencil cases and wallets. Audra Lowe: Right. Krista Herman: You can that at or Audra Lowe: Okay, come again, talk about this cheesecake here please for one second please. Krista Herman: Okay right before that is— Audra Lowe: We only have a few seconds. Let’s go. Krista Herman: Disney Pixar’s first animated hit Up is now available on Blu- ray combo pack with the Disney premiere animated Tinkerbell and The Lost Treasure. You can go Cheesecake Factory is making you share the joy of course with the bundle of joy, you buy one of those sweet little stuffed animals there and you get a $25.00 gift card and a free card for a slice. So, it’s a great deal, value of $45.00, that’s only $30.00 at Audra Lowe: Thank you so much Krista and now we’ve got something for the adults out there. Today we’re giving a way of blender. Check out this brushed stainless bar blender. It’s worth $99.95 and today we’re giving it away. But even better when you enter to win this blender, you’ll automatically be entered to win our grand prize of $5,000.00. That’s right, $5,000.00, it’s bound with papers and gifts and actually give you a little extra cash, right. Just logon to and click on the holiday daily give away banner for the blender and the five grand. Good luck!