Holiday Gifts for Pets
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With so many friends and family members to get gifts for this holiday, it is easy to forget about your favorite furriest friends. Wendy Diamond, pet and lifestyle expert, is going to make sure that doesn't happen.


Host: With so many friends and family friend and family members to get gifts for this holidays. It’s easy to forget about your favorite, the furriest friends in your house. Today, in Better Pets, Wendy Diamond, pet and lifestyle expert is going to make sure that that does not happen. Got a little friend over there? Wendy: Oh my gosh another adorable little kitty from the Humane Society of New York. And this cat believe it or not comes with the purring 24 hours a day. This cat is so adorable. Host: I don’t think that she really like this around her neck but maybe we can make it work right? Wendy: This is an amazing little bowtie from Lands’ End. Lands’ End just launched this unbelievable sweater line for dogs that’s all in festive colors that you’ll see when we bring out the rescue dog and these little bowties. Host: They’re absolutely adorable. So we’ve got some gifts here. So these are things that you think practical that we can actually use. Wendy: First of all I think this is the year of practical. I think it’s about loving your animals. We did a study. We found that 82% of pet owners wanted to give their dogs love. More so than ever this year and then 73% were going to give their dogs and cats toys. So right now, I think what really people care about is helping and giving back and so right now, you can give $20.00 and you can get an amazing calendar sponsored by Pepperoni and The ASPCA and it’s an amazing thing where you get all of the different celebrities and see who they support, what charities they support and their dogs. So it’s an adorable gift you can give and also it’s a donation for $20.00 to help local animal rescue. Host: And do some good at the same time. Now, you’ve got the treats up here. You’re saying just keep it simple. Wendy: We all over eat during the holidays. It’s the same thing. You’ve got to be very careful especially for your animals. It’s going to affect their health. It’s really not good for them to be eating too many treats. So again one or two and keep it really simple. Host: Also keeping it simple, the collar, something that you can use. Wendy: First of all, listen pets don’t care about fashion. They’re fine with last year’s leash and collar and bowtie. So at the end of the day, get an amazing leash and collar. This is ___ polka, this is from Canine Styles and it’s an amazing leash and collar. It’s very sturdy. They have festive colors from blue to black to red. Host: Very quickly, this book, Chicken Soup for the Soul What I Learned from the Cat/Dog. Wendy: First of all, everybody loves to read and this is like a great book. There’s 101 stories. It’s a great book to help out and give to somebody that you know that lost animals and it will make them really happy and be grateful for their amazing lives when they hear about some of the trauma that some people have gone through but with the dogs and cats that have helped with them. Also what you see with Lucky here, Lucky Diamond is wearing the Pet Smart—adorabe—look at this. Again, we don’t promote all the time dressing up your animal but for the holiday, for under $20.00, you can get an amazing little outfit for your pet to have them celebrate with you Host: She looks fantastic too. So we’ve got to get to the toys. Wendy: Alright Audra, let’s talk, how funny is this. That jacket is kosher for Hanukkah. You also have amazing toys. You have kosher toys and you have the Christmas squeeze-- Host: Don’t squeeze that thing honey, that’s going to be going forever. Wendy: You’ve got these amazing little spot toys, they have the most amazing fabric. You know what you can get a toy for $7.00. You know what I mean and it’s a way for them. Host: I have to move that when I’m away, which one was making noise. Wendy: And for $7.00, your pets going to have numerous hours and days of playing. Now another product Audra that I have to say is really important. Host: We have to get through this really quick. I like it. Wendy: So if you have a pet and you know about the hair, it does not matter what kind of pet, whether it’s a cat, a dog, the hair. Now with the surfeit slip covers, this is a great gift to get somebody because they can save their couch, their chair. Throw it in the wash. You don’t have to clean the couch. Host: This makes so much sense. Wendy: You can just clean this. It’s a great product, especially for the holiday. Don’t forget, the best gift of all to give somebody, an adopted animal. Host: You might be getting this. We’ve got to come in quick because we’re out of time. Wendy: This is Snoopy. Snoopy is an adorable little doggie. Host: You can get more information too on the website as well. Wendy: Absolutely. Happy holidays. Thank you, thank you. Host: Thank you. Thank you so much you guys.