Holiday Gifts for New Parents
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Parents TV shows you some cool gifts that you can give to new parents for the holiday seasons or after.


Anne Ebeling: Got a mom on your holiday gift list? Whether you're buying for her or looking for yourself, we've got some great gifts to make moms merry this holiday season. lifestyle editor, Sasha Emmons, says when it comes to new moms, put yourself in their shoes. Sasha Emmons: Keep in mind what they are going through in those first few weeks and first few months of having a baby, anything that you can do that will make their easier or give them a laugh or help them really enjoy their baby, then that's gonna be a killer gift. Anne Ebeling: like this simple but fun to do tattoo. Sasha Emmons: In those first few months after you have a baby, you're gonna be feeling pretty sleep deprived and getting out of the house could require really Herculean Effort, so that's why we think that this is a hilarious gift for a new parent. It's called the To-Do tattoo and you just put it on your hand and write your to do list or your grocery list or whatever you have to remember right on it. There's no way you can forget it when you're leaving the house. It's right on your hand. Anne Ebeling: Or help her keep track of all those memories with a little humor. Sasha Emmons: Another great gift for new parents is baby book, but not every couple is the classic baby book type and so that's why this New Parents' Fun Book from Wry baby is a great selection. It just has all sorts of reverent takes on classic baby book pages like a crossword puzzle and nickname maker-upper and all sorts of funny things that will just make you laugh during those first few months, which sometimes you need a laughter in those first few months.. Anne Ebeling: For moms whose little ones are going bigger everyday, a growth chart like this one from Rag & Bone will make sure mom doesn't missing it. Sasha Emmons: You tape it at your wall and it already has the intercept for your already, so no more putting the mark on the door and this peach color as well as a green and a blue. Anne Ebeling: For posh moms, Storksak diaper bags are the hot accessory this season. Sasha Emmons: Storksak is a real favorite among celebrities, Angelina Jolie, whose been seen toting her Storksak diaper bag around, and this one really looks like a high-end bag maybe that your scoring at -- some place and it just makes you feel chic when you're flopping diapers around. Anne Ebeling: Turn your kids into a work of art at Canvass on Demand, a site that makes custom canvasses from any photo or preserve her little ones profile on something pretty. Sasha Emmons: We love this silhouette necklace from Craftsbury Kids and basically what you do is you take a profile picture of you kid or kids that can do multiple silhouettes and you send it into them and they make this custom silhouette pendant necklace for you. It's framed by a vintage drapery ring and it's on kind of an antique-looking chain. So, even though it's brand new, it really kind of seems -- Anne Ebeling: Make family game like personal available at Photo-opoly allows you to create an individualized game board with whatever photos and phrases you chose. Sure, she is a mom, but you don't have to give her something related to her children. Sasha Emmons: There's nothing wrong with giving a parent a fun gift. In those first few months of becoming a parent especially for moms, they can feel so immersed in being a mom that they almost forget that they are a person too, a person who is complete before they have their baby. Anne Ebeling: Something like movies on DVD or seasons of a TV show, she has just been dying to watch. Sasha Emmons: Once you have kids, you may notice that your Friday and Saturday nights out are kind of few and far between, but rather than just after the kids go bed sucking out on the couch and watching whatever is on TV, this is a great opportunity to finally get to know series that you always wish that you would watch, but just never had time to. Anne Ebeling: In the end, it's the thought that counts, so keep moms in mind this holiday season.