Holiday Gift Etiquette for Co-workers
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Pamela Fiori teaches you the proper ways you can give your co-workers gifts this Thanksgiving.


Male: Essential information from Fine Living. Female: I believe that for people who work closely with you, particularly your direct reports, that is very important to give them some kind of token of gratitude. So I always give to my assistant and to the people who work directly with me. I also try to give gifts to people who may not work directly for me but who work within the company and who have helped me, easing the way for me to have a relationship with their bosses. I think that’s important and the rule is also that I do not receive gifts. What I usually do is a grab bag of gifts so that everyone is taken care of in some way. Sometimes, it’s a keyring or maybe it’s a scarf, maybe it’s a pin. Very often, it’s a book that I personally pick out for them and the holiday time I might very well give them a gift of holiday music. I honestly do think that it’s the thought that counts and I think it’s very important. Male: Find more at