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If getting a makeover is on your wish list this holiday season, Santa might just be coming down your chimney a little early this year. Beauty expert, Laura Geller, is here to help take you from geek to goddess just in time for all your holiday parties.


Audra Lowe: If getting a make over on your wish list this holiday season, well Santa might just become a down yard chimney a little early this year. Beauty expert and I call her my sister, sister Laura Geller is here. And she can tell us all from gig to goddess just in time for the holiday parties because a lot of people get this and I realize they can become a goddess right? Laura Geller: Very easy. Audra Lowe: Yeah it is. Laura Geller: Very easy to be a goddess. Audra Lowe: And you got the memo about the purple today. Laura Geller: Oh yes. Audra Lowe: I see, I see. Laura Geller: Oh yes, we’ve planned this. Audra Lowe: Yeah right. So let’s talk about the lashes first. Laura Geller: Sure. Audra Lowe: What’s your trick over here? Laura Geller: You know one of the items that I love best is something called Lash Varnish. This is brand new; I’ve never seen anything like this. We recently created something that’s blue. Blue is known to make the whites whiter. Let’s face that the holidays we are tire, our eyes are red. Audra Lowe: Yeah. Laura Geller: You put this on top of your mascara to set your mascara and make the black blacker, its makes to look shinny and it gives the eye a twinkle. Audra Lowe: Really? Laura Geller: It is awesome. Audra Lowe: And more of the dramatic look in other words. Laura Geller: Yes that’s much more dramatic but it really works as an effect as well. Audra Lowe: Okay, and make more sense too because they always talk about that in a lipstick too. Laura Geller: Yes. Audra Lowe: To make your cheek look whiter. Laura Geller: That’s right. Audra Lowe: So make sense. Laura Geller: That’s right. Audra Lowe: So now we’re going to talk about the brows and a lot of people don’t have thick eyebrows that they want, I for one. Okay got the browning all the time so, what is your trick here? Laura Geller: You and everybody else, you know brown marker is something I created that is so revolutionary. What this is? Is just like a brow tattoo but the best part about brow marker is it is like a sharpie pen. It’s a fill tip applicator so it’s very, very fine and its waterproof. It doesn’t come off and it’s the most natural application of brows so, if you are missing that little bold spot. Audra Lowe: Right. Laura Geller: Maybe you over pluck your shape. I’ve got to tell you can pluck it which was very easily. Audra Lowe: Can you pluck it all of you and have a really steady hand. Laura Geller: Yeah. Audra Lowe: Okay. Laura Geller: If you can write your name you can use the brown marker. Audra Lowe: Good, I like that. Next we are going to talk about the lips and specially plumping up the lips too. Laura Geller: Yeah, you know a lot of this limp plumper’s on the market bother people if they have a tingly sting and they don’t know which have the long lasting effect to use what I say. You’re so gloss that’s light on top of your lipstick. We have something called The Tropic Collection. This is like a widest silver rush color, I’m going to skip adding to my hands you can see that a color like this natural centered in the center of the lower of your lip is going to give in automatic plump to your lip. Audra Lowe: Lower lip are not at the top. Laura Geller: No, not at the top just in the center of the lower. It creates an illusion to the eye and it make sure lip look fuller and it works over in the lipstick you use. Audra Lowe: I like that. Laura Geller So we give you the lipstick, we give you two glosses but just always remember something light at the center and the lower. Audra Lowe: Okay, okay and that’s really is the trick. I never heard that before you trick. Now, another trick is also for the cheek bone creating that definition. Laura Geller: That’s right. Audra Lowe: And this is one of your best cubs secrets, you always tell to clients here is what I know. Laura Geller: In fact, they’ve turn me the contour, now contour is where you like where black to make its up for thinner. Audra Lowe: Right. Laura Geller: Well this is a dark and a light where you wear the darker color to actually slim the look of your cheek bone by just putting up right onto your check bone it makes that look more hallowed out and if your chin is fuller; your jaw line is for you to add this color. It’s sort of amulate your natural shadow that you have. Audra Lowe: So go throughout again, once again on your face. Laura Geller: Right, any face you want to make to look thinner. I will make it easy. Audra Lowe: Okay. Laura Geller: So if your cheek bones now hallow enough and you want your cheek bones to look higher. Do it right onto your cheek bone. Audra Lowe: Got it. Laura Geller: If you don’t happy with the jaw or your chin put it right along in that jaw and chin explains it down to takes pounds off. Audra Lowe: Okay, now we’ve got just a little bit of time left that we have. Laura Geller: Sure. Audra Lowe: But we have to talk about the droopy eyelids and more. Laura Geller: Yeah, yeah. Audra Lowe: So you’ve got the few products here for that right? Laura Geller: And a droopy eyelid is not just any age you know. If we tired, if we are fatigue we’ve got droopy eyelids. Eye pack or were known for our spackle franchise that is priming when you put eye spackle on your eyelid it brighten ups your eye. Audra Lowe: Okay. Laura Geller: And the eye rims, these are magical that create different looks on the eyes. These are combination of eye shadow and eyeliner. Eye shadow you put this around your eyes and makes the eye pop and it gives them a natural lift. Audra Lowe: Really? In different covers are. Laura Geller: That’s right. And then we’ve got waterproof eyeliner pencils which are really important for those of us who eye have droop and you want something a little bit more bold and eye brightener that you can use on the inside rim instead of black it opens the eye more. How do you like that stuffs? Audra Lowe: These more brings so much information here, I miss the single time I have to write notes as where I do. Thank you. Laura Geller: I’ll tip you of that. Audra Lowe: Yeah, please there please. Thank you so much Laura. Laura Geller: Absolutely, thank you Audra.