Highchair Nightmare
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DadLabs Ep. 286 The Lounge - If you enjoy being spoon-fed mouthfuls of tasty parenting humor, this is the episode for you. In this broadcast from the Tiniest Bar in Texas, our hosts and panel of experienced parents dish up their perspectives on the nightmare that is feeding infants and toddlers. Open up, here comes the choo-choo. This video is brought to you by Boon. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Daddy Brad: Welcome back to the Dad Lab lounge I am daddy Brad, we are here in beautiful downtown Austin, Texas in the Tiniest Bar in Texas. Daddy Clay: We are brought to you this week by Boon, modern design for modern parents, great product, thank you Boon. Today’s topic, daddy Brad. Daddy Brad: What is the most nightmarish piece about your high chair? Daddy Clay: Obviously the smell of the potted meat. Male: I am not sure by the premise of the question only because we have a dust buster and we use the dust buster religiously. Daddy Owen: Did they have high chairs when your kids were younger? Daddy Clay: Your view like stacked up stones to feed the children. Female: They are too big for high chair. Daddy Owen: They are too big? Female: You know some parents put their kids in high chairs to keep them contained. Daddy Clay: There is a giant midget about to fall on me. Oh no. Daddy Owen: Potted meat? Daddy Clay: And there comes the pot, you open it up and it smells just really like— Daddy Owen: Dog food. Daddy Brad: You dust bust the kid? Male: Of course, come on, so much easier than anything else. Daddy Brad: You say anything, it is like, put the kid in the regular chair for God’s sake. Female: I love to but no, it is none of my business. Daddy Clay: You were ordering a drink at the bar and some guy notices that your kid is standing dangerously in the high chair, rushes over, saves the child and then congratulated by everyone, some kids by your wife, I do not know if that has happened. Daddy Owen: And then the child turns to the stranger and goes thank you daddy. Female: I did not know that you could wash, like the box, stuff until finally— my mother came to visit, and was like, “I don’t think it is supposed to be that color. Daddy Brad: The thing that I hate is that line of filth that collects there and man you cannot get that out. Daddy Clay: Do you remember high chairs? Male: It is like Gerber baby food and stuff that time. Daddy Owen: Yes. Female; We pulled the thing up, there were just they were inches thick of old food in between the chair and the lining. Male: I remember the first birthday party, turnaround and double fisted cup cakes. Daddy Clay: That’s tough. Daddy Owen: You try and use it as a car seat and you strap it in as best as you can but it starts folding over. Daddy Brad: The high chair dude? Daddy Owen: Yes and kind of falls off and you have to—like it does not even quite even fit. Daddy Clay: You use a portable vacuum on the children to keep them-- Daddy Brad: Vacuum them. Daddy Clay: Yes. Male: Haircut by Flowbi, vacuum is really good. Daddy Clay: Well if you guys have any nightmarish feeding experiences you like to share with us, please drop us a comment, tell us what you think about high chair nightmares and you will be automatically registered for our weekly giveaway, don’t know if that’s going to be at this point. Bit we will give away something. So thanks a lot for your comments, thanks for joining us here in the Dad Lab lounge. Daddy Owen: Then you also have that good day when they reach for the spoon and they want to do it all by themselves. Daddy Clay: I spank them, I spank them. Daddy Owen: Like— Daddy Clay: No, I am joking. I would never strike one of my own children.