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Our host Taryn and celebrity stylist Michelle hit the streets of Los Angeles to find several new pieces that inspire great new looks for heading back to school. After checking out what people are wearing on the street scene and browsing through a few local boutiques, Taryn and Michelle take their newly inspired ideas back to JCPenney where they find all the pieces that inspired them under one roof and put together one or two new back to school looks.


High Fashion/Low Price Taryn: Hey guys, I'm Taryn from Cambio Style and I'm so excited. Today is my lucky day. I get to go shopping with Style Expert, Michelle Tomaszewski and we’re going to head up some of the coolest boutiques on Melrose and look for the latest fashion trend. And later on, we’re going to head over the JC Penney and look for some of this same look for a lot less. Hey Michelle. Michelle Tomaszewski: Hey Taryn. Taryn: How are you? Michelle Tomaszewski: I'm great, ready to get started? Taryn: I’m so ready. I'm so excited. Michelle Tomaszewski: Alright. Taryn: Hi. How are you? Michelle Tomaszewski: Good afternoon. Taryn: Shopping. So what we are looking for? Like what do you -- I mean there’s so much stuff? Michelle Tomaszewski: There’s too much stuff. I think stripes, denim short, motorcycle vest, they’re really in. Here, I have stripes. Michelle Tomaszewski: Those are cool. Taryn: Stripes are a must for your back to school wardrobe this year. Pair this nautical look with colorful sandals like Jessica Alba. Michelle Tomaszewski: This denim shorts is something that is a great trend, it's like back school. Taryn: Another big look this season, denim shorts paired with a flowy top just like Ashley Tisdale toured it around LA. So this store has so much cool stuff, I mean you’re the stylist. What do you think? Michelle Tomaszewski: Joy Rich is always an inspiration. Taryn: Yeah, totally. Well I think we had some really good ideas in here because they have some awesome stuff and I can't wait to continue shopping. Michelle Tomaszewski: Let’ go. Taryn: I know. Let’s do it. Michelle Tomaszewski: It’s here stripes. Taryn: I like it. Michelle Tomaszewski: And the length. Taryn: The length is nice. Let’s go in. Let’s check it out. Stripes, stripe, stripes, so much good stuff. Michelle Tomaszewski: This is great. Taryn: That’s really nice. The wool cardigan like with fitted look and the jegging. Michelle Tomaszewski: The jegging, looks great. Taryn: I love this. In the kind of crop top with the shorter look it’s kind of coming back, right. Michelle Tomaszewski: Yes. Taryn: But was it like an oversized to like blazer or something. Michelle Tomaszewski: Yeah. Taryn: It consist look like a little tighter. Michelle Tomaszewski: Yes. Taryn: I like mixing like the roughness. You know, it’s like the leather and the vest. With like something nor a girl like -- Michelle Tomaszewski: That style – that style. Taryn: Yes. I love that. Michelle Tomaszewski: Look at that tie. Taryn: Yes. Michelle Tomaszewski: That’s a great tie. I can use that for our couture. Taryn: For the Jonas brothers you’re working up, right? We’re going to look. Michelle Tomaszewski: Yes. Taryn: This is kind of cute. Michelle Tomaszewski: It’s done in blazer. Taryn: I'm going to go with this thing. Michelle Tomaszewski: So yes there’s a plaids again. Taryn: Again, we’ve been seeing that all day. Summers must have plaid shirt, Candy worn again this fall by pairing them with the cute jacket just like Rachel Bilson. With like the over length. Michelle Tomaszewski: Yes. Taryn: That hangs. So I’ve had so much fun shopping the whole Melrose today. Michelle Tomaszewski: Yes, me too. We had a good time. Taryn: Yes. Let’s head over to JC Penney and see what we can find that kind of equivalent to all the culturing stuff we’ve seen in Melrose. Michelle Tomaszewski: Let’s do it. Taryn: Let’s go. Michelle Tomaszewski: Look over here. The denim short that looks like what we saw. Taryn: Those are like exact. Michelle Tomaszewski: Yes, exact. Fantastic. Now, what about some plaids? Taryn: I love it. Yes, it will be so cute tucked in with those shorts. Michelle Tomaszewski: Right here. Now I think that this where I found in Melrose, wish this type of fabric. This would be cool. Taryn: It’s perfect and it’s so lightweight. Michelle Tomaszewski: Yes, the fabric. This is something that you would find on Melrose. Taryn: Totally. Michelle Tomaszewski: And -- Taryn: It kind of you know like --, it’s like tailored and kind of cool. Michelle Tomaszewski: Let’s go and take a look. Got it now, what’s on our list? Taryn: Bags, shoes, to level that top. Michelle Tomaszewski: Let’s go check it out. I think it's over to the left. Taryn: Alright. Let’s do it girl. Michelle Tomaszewski: Alright. Taryn: And there are so many bags like that right now that we saw. Michelle Tomaszewski: Yes. Taryn: I love the color. Michelle Tomaszewski: You still got that one I saw in Melrose? Taryn: Yes, we totally did. Michelle Tomaszewski: Yes. Taryn: Where it kind of all strappy and -- Michelle Tomaszewski: Yes. I think we found a lot of great cool stuff. Taryn: Yes, it's like dandelions. Michelle Tomaszewski: I think we should go and try on now. Taryn: Let’s do it. Michelle Tomaszewski: Yeah. Let’s do it. Taryn: So this is our look. Michelle Tomaszewski: Fantastic. Taryn: I know. I love it. Michelle Tomaszewski: It’s great to tell you know, look around to different stores in LA or wherever you’re at in the world and to see what you can find that’s affordable that fits into your budget. So I hardly learned since that she picks the best fabric because it’s current to the trends from what we sell on the streets today like from the denim shorts, to the plaid shirt, it’s definitely current. Taryn: Michelle, thank you so, so much. I am obsessed with my new look and I had so much fun shopping with you today. Michelle Tomaszewski: Fantastic. Taryn: Okay guys, now we’re going to head out to the Streets Valley and found out you’re in Need of the Week. This week, we have Monique, our lovely model and she has on this great crop top by Decree with the top $11.00 and we paired out with this jeggings by Pretty Street and these cute little booties by Decree. You love your outfit? Monique: I love it just because I can wear this to have fancy years. I can dress it down. These leggings are super comfortable. I like how they look like they’re jeans but they’re not. These booties are really comfortable. I like the color. I like to feel on them. Taryn: Yes. Monique: Just like the outfit. Taryn: You look great in it. Monique: Thank you. Taryn: And so, I think you’ll wear all the time. Monique: I will. Taryn: Good. Well that is our Need of the Week guys. Keep checking Cambio Style for the latest fashion tips.