Helping Your Baby with Latching
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This video shows you how you can help your baby with latching.


Female Speaker: How can I help my baby in latching? Sandra Cole: Next we're going to talk about latching. Latching is one of the hardest parts of breastfeeding. It's very important that your baby has his mouth open and his tongue down and that's the hardest part to do. I'm going to demonstrate with the cross cradle. You want to make sure your baby starts on his back, rolls over and is positioned nose to nipple. Lot of baby won't open their mouth now. You have to open it for them. So a good way to do that is taking your nipple and bringing it down over the babies nose. This will immediately cause the baby to lift his head, open his mouth and be in straight alignment and be in perfect position for breastfeeding. If your baby doesn't open his mouth doing that, you can also pull on his chin gently by going like that. However, lot of times that way the babies tongue will go up to the roof it's mouth and you want to make sure the babies tongue is down to breastfeed. You're going to open the babies mouth and bring your baby towards your breast. Don't bring your breast towards your baby, but bring your baby towards your breast. This will allow for good alignment with the baby. You also be relaxed, your body can relax and you can get it let down. Once the baby is open you want to position him over your nipple not quite in the center. He is going to grab more of your breast under your nipple with the bottom part of his mouth, then over the nipple with the top of his mouth. Not quite half and half. So your baby is on, his is now latched, you want to position your breast and hold it to support it. Remember about that arm, get comfortable. You are going to use what's called the C hold and go in by your ribs and hold your breast. This will support that breast so that it doesn't move when the baby is latched down. If it moves then the baby looses the latch, you have to relatch the baby. A common problem with latching a baby is that the nose is pushed into the breast and the baby cannot breath very well. People tend to push on the breast like this to move the babies nose away. This shows two different things that is really not good for breastfeeding. First of all when you push on your breast like that it changes the angle of your nipple. So when the baby had the nipple in his mouth this way and now the angle moves he doesn't had a correct latch. Also what you're doing is you're blocking the ducts from above your fingers. So that milk isn't allowed to flow out and this could lead to misstates. So if your babies nose is pushed into your breast, what you want to do is rotate your baby around your body. So you're going to move him more like this. Feet around and the butt around and that will open the breast to the nose that there will be more room for breathing. If you need to unlatch the baby, you don't want to just pull them off, that will cause pressure on your nipple. What you want to do is take two clean fingers put them in next to your nipple into the babies mouth and push the baby off. That way the baby is more on your fingers than your nipple and then I'm sure that you don't damage your breast.