Heiress and Mom: Drag Racer Defies Conventions
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She is a tattooed mom, an heiress to a billion-dollar business and has been drag racing since 2005. Alexis DeJoria is a ranked National Hot Rod Association driver, competing in the nitro division in an 8,000 horsepower vehicle. (May 11)


[Location: JUPITER, Florida - JANUARY 20, 2012][Source: AP][VO: car on track ][NAT: car racing on track][VOICE-OVER]THE ENGINE ROARS LOUDLY.....(car takes off) AND IN JUST FOUR SECONDS, THIS 8-THOUSAND HORSEPOWER CAR REACHES THE END OF THE TRACK. [LOCATION: Topanga Canyon, California, March 26, 2012][SOT/Alexis DeJoria, no super yet]"Just to be able to go 300 mph in four seconds, it just blew my mind."[VO: ][VOICE-OVER]BEHIND THE WHEEL OF THIS DRAW DROPPING FAST CAR IS ALEXIS DEJORIA: A MOTHER, HEIRESS TO A BILLION-DOLLAR BUSINESS AND SHE'S A RANKED NATIONAL HOT ROD ASSOCIATION DRIVER. [LOCATION: Topanga Canyon, California, March 26, 2012][SOT/Alexis DeJoria, Drag Racer]"I could be perceived as the Paris Hilton of drag racing, but that's just not my style. [VO: picture of her and her father][VOICER-OVER]HER FATHER IS JOHN PAUL DEJORIA _ THE MAN BEHIND PAUL MITCHELL HAIR PRODUCTS AND TEQUILA PATRON. YET ALEXIS DEJORIA CHOSE TO KEEP HER FAMILY NAME OUT OF THE SPORT _ AT FIRST.[LOCATION: Topanga Canyon, California, March 26, 2012][SOT/DeJoria, no super]"I wanted to prove myself as a driver. Not just a female driver, but a driver. And I think I've done that."[LOCATION: Jupiter, Florida - Jan. 20, 2012][VOICE-OVER]DEJORIA HAS BEEN DRAG RACING SINCE 2005. SHE IS THE SECOND WOMAN TO WIN A NATIONAL EVENT IN THE TOP ALCOHOL ALCOHOL DIVISION AND NOW COMPETES IN THE FASTER NITRO DIVISION. HER 2012 TOYOTA CAMRY HAS PATRON'S BRIGHT GREEN LOGO EMBLAZONED ON THE SIDE. [DeJoria signing autograph on car parts][SOT: DeJoria, no super]"You just really get to see the amount of power that these things have. I mean to blow holes in medal like this, it's pretty amazing."[VO: handout video of crash. MUST CREDIT ESPN/NHRA][VOICE-OVER]DEJORIA HAD A CLOSE CALL IN 2009. HER BRAKES WENT OUT AND HER PARACHUTES RIPPED OFF. IN THIS VIDEO YOU SEE HOW HER OUT-OF-CONTROL CAR WENT OVER THE SAND PIT AREA, THEN THROUGH CATCH NETS BEFORE LANDING ON THE ROOF.[LOCATION: Topanga Canyon, California, March 26, 2012][SOT: DeJoria, no super]"I opened my eyes, felt around and was like 'OK, I'm all right.'" [DeJoria file footage of crash. MUST CREDIT ESPN/NHRA][SOT: DeJoria, no super]"You have to understand that these cars, they are unpredictable. Obviously we're going insane speeds and we are human and these cars are manmade, so anything can happen."[VOICE-OVER]TWO OTHER DRIVERS WERE NOT AS LUCKY ON THE SAME TRACK. THAT DANGER IS NEVER FAR FROM DEJORIA'S MIND. A PART OF HER CAR THAT CRASHED HANGS IN HER GARAGE AS A REMINDER.BEFORE HER RUNS, HER TEAM TAKES APART THE CAR - MAKING SURE EVERYTHING WORKS PROPERLY - BEFORE PUTTING IT BACK TOGETHER. EVEN DEJORIA LENDS A HAND - SHE PACKS HER OWN PARACHUTES.[NAT/SOT: DeJoria]"Can't blame anybody but me if these suckers don't work."[VOICE-OVER]DEJORIA SAYS DRAG RACING WILL HUMBLE YOU. BUT WHEN SHE WINS, IT'S AN AMAZING FEELING. SUZETTE LABOY, ASSOCIATED PRESS, JUPITER, FLORIDA(***END***)