Healthy Treats for Kids - Strawberry Crunch Cups
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Learn how to cook healthy treats for kids - strawberry crunch cups in this video.


Hi! I am Anna Reeves with Tiny Chefs. Today we are making healthy treats for kids and right now we are making strawberry crunch cups and the ingredients we will need for this are about six strawberries that are hulled and sliced, six tablespoons of vanilla yogurt, one-fourth cup quick cooking oats, one tablespoon sunflower seeds, one tablespoon pumpkin seeds, two tablespoons honey and one half tea spoon vanilla. We have just toasted our quick cooking oats along with our sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds over a medium-low flame for about three-five minutes and what we are going to do is spray a little bit of cooking spray on the inside of our measuring spoon, so that the honey doesn't stick here. See, slides were right out, and two table spoons. We are just going to mix this all around. Once that's mixed up, we will let that cool down, so that when we add it to our yogurt, it doesn't warm up the yogurt. Over with that yogurt, we are going to just add in a teaspoonful full of vanilla to give it a little bit of flavor. I will just use the same spoon here. We will mix it up real good, the next step is to layer our three ingredients in our cup, so we are going to place in a little bit of the honey and oats and seed mixture and then a little bit of yogurt with the vanilla and then a few strawberries and you will want to continue to layer the three ingredients all the way up to the top of the cup until you are finished and then you are ready to eat. I hope you have enjoyed making all of our fun delicious treats for kids and thank you for watching.