Healthy Treats for Kids - Hummus
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Learn how to cook healthy treats for kids - hummus in this video.


Hi I'm Anna Reeves with Tiny Chefs. Today we are making healthy treats for kids. We are going to make delicious and nutritious hummus. And our ingredients are one 15 ounce can of chickpeas or garbanzo beans. You’re going to want to rinse and drain them, one fourth cup of extra virgin light olive oil, one teaspoon of ground cumin and one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. We are going to begin making our nutritious hummus. Now with kids we are going to use a bowl and a whisk and whip it up so that the kids have a lot of interaction here. But another alternative is use of food processor which will make your life a little bit easier, and the hummus will be quicker. But again, once you have your chickpeas in the bowl. You’re going to have the child to measure out one fourth cup of oil pour that in. So make the mixing a little bit easier. You’re going to measure out one teaspoon of cumin, and this is to taste if you decide that you want a little more, add that in a little bit. And one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, and it’s about half of a lemon, and you can go ahead and just squared out the lemon over your hand and catch any seeds that may come out. About one tablespoon and go, and again, if you want to decide that you want a little bit more lemon you can add that in a little bit later. Okay, so you take our sturdy whisk and you just sort of mash them around. And this is going to take a few minutes, and a lot of a muscle arm from the kids. Another option instead of using a whisk would be a potato masher, and that will also speed process of. And if you have very adventurous kids you might want and go ahead and add in two more ingredients. You could chop out one clove of garlic really fine and put that in here. And then also you can add in two tablespoons of Tahini, which is ground sesame paste. It would make taste actually very, very good. And that is how you make delicious, healthy hummus, and coming out next is strawberry crunch cups.