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Just a little over a week ago, we toasted to a happy and healthy new year. Here to help kick start your health, get in shape and fight off those illnesses in 2010, is director of nutrition at the California Health & Longevity Institute, Paulette Lambert.


Host: Just a little over a week ago, we toasted to a happy and healthy new year. Here to help kick start your health and get in shape and fight off all those illnesses in 2010 is director of nutrition at the California health and longevity institute Paulette Lambert. Welcome to the show Paulette, good to have you’re here and happy new year. Paulette: Thank you Audra, same to you. Host: So really we’re talking about salads here today and we’re going to get to the dressing in just a second but the right salad recipe is all it takes to get us back in shape, good start for the day, correct? Paulette: Good start for the year definitely, this is a wonderful thing to start your new year with. We’ve all been eating a lot of junk over the holidays and this is a great way to start getting healthy. It’s winter and right now, we’re fighting a lot of flu and colds and so today we even have an immunity boost salad so salad can do wonderful things, not just for your figure but also for your health. Host: When you’re talking about an immunity boost salad, what’s so special about that salad? What helps our immune system in that salad? Paulette: This particular salad is made with spinach and today, I’m using some of Dole has a 32 new blends out and they feature taste pairing and texture pairing and they tell you the calories and the nutrient content in the back but the spinach contains a lot of immunity boosting antioxidants and vitamins and along with it we have a lot of vitamin C fruits on this salad as well so it really helps build up your white blood cells which help you fight off infection. Host: And over here on the other side, easy to make and you said you’re going to refrigerate it afterwards, it’s not going to wilt? Paulette: It’s not going to wilt because this is our Asian chicken salad and we did this one with cabbage which contains a tremendous amount of nutrition. Cabbage if you eat about a half a cup four times a week, it reduces cancer of the colon 40% so this is made all with cabbage, chicken, peanut, cilantro, carrots and red peppers which contain a lot of vitamin C and vitamin A and antioxidants. So this is super healthy. Host: And we’re going to go over to these other two here but before we do, some tips that you have are dip your fork in the salad dressing first and then go to the salad? Paulette: Instead of tossing your salad, you may want to have your dressing on the side and you dip your fork in the dressing and then pick up you salad and that way you get a real flavor packed taste sensation without using a lot of dressing. The mistake most of us make on eating salad is you make it not so healthy because we have a tendency to dump so much dressing on salads. If you eat out in a restaurant the average salad is 1000 to 1500 calories and more than half of that comes from then dressing.I Host: It beats the purpose doesn’t it? Paulette: It does defeat the purpose so we’re asking people not to use more than about 2 tablespoons of dressing per salad but if you make great salad dressings, you can get away with doing that if you make them low cal. You don’t need all that if you make a real flavorful dressing, you don’t need to have so much of it on there. Host: Let’s go over to this salad here, because I noticed there’s edamame inside which I love and there’s a reason why they’re in there. Paulette: What we did, this is kind of another Asian salad and what we’ve got butter leaf lettuce and some sauted shitake mushrooms and we have edamame and sesame and then we have kind of a miso with paste dressing which is miso and orange juice and miso is fermented soybeans. High in protein, high in fiber and a ton of antioxidants that helps your body fight off diseases especially cancer. Host: Last but not least, this is my husband’s favorite here, you’ve got the pear, the walnuts, you’ve got the cranberries in there. So that helps our body. Paulette: All these leafy green are very high in B complex vitamins and antioxidants. And again, people don’t realize it. Salad counts as a vegetable serving. You’re supposed to have seven servings at least seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day, a handful of lettuce if it’s not iceberg but if it’s leafy greens, arugula, spinach, all these dark greens count as a vegetable serving so if you have three cups of salad which is just a good sized dinner salad, that’s three vegetable servings right there Host: And Paulette, I see you’re adding some stuff to the salad already, so we’re going to enjoy that in just a second and to see more of these delicious and healthy recipes, just go to and click on the recipe button.