Healthy Peanut Butter Balls Recipe
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Happy Holidays! From now until January 1st you will most likely be eating three times the calories your body burns in just one day. That said, we should probably cut corners where we can -- and I'm not talking about cakes! Good habits to live by during this "season of splurging" is to avoid drinking your calories, cutting back on portions, and not going back for seconds. Notice how I'm not telling you to avoid the sweets?


Jennifer DiDonato: Hello! Welcome to Brides Made Fit podcast, I am host Jennifer DiDonato. This is episode number 28, first of all happy holidays to everybody. I am wearing my red, very festive, but in case you don't know what Brides Made Fit is, it is the only in-home personal training service for brides-to-be in Metro Detroit, but Bridges Made Fit podcast is everyone's source for health and fitness information and entertainment. So thanks so much for joining us. So, today we are in the kitchen, I am going to show you a really cool recipe, it is a healthy recipe to make peanut butter balls. We are going to turn all the stuff you see right here into, great results, this. Great! Yeah, now some people call this buckeyes, some people just call them plain old peanut butter balls, but the cool thing about these, that I made is I am incorporating protein powder in it, don't be scared, don't tune out, just check this out. Okay, first we are going to take all these ingredients, right here I have them all out here, Chris is just going to show you right here, now listed on the side right now, we have natural peanut butter, I'm going to have one cup of that. We are going to have one cup of honey, one-and-a-quarter cups of vanilla protein powder, any kind of your choice and some of them vary with nutrition facts. So we will get to that in just a moment and then also one cup of oats and these can be quick oats, so the one minute oats, that kind of thing because with these, they are cut down a little bit so they don't give it better absorption in the peanut butter balls and let them ball up a little bit easier then just whole oats because that will be get kind of chunky. So, first you are going to your natural peanut butter. You can get it at any store and with this, all that's in it is just peanuts and salt, you can even get salt free. So I am going to show you the little trick. This has oil at the top, see that, that's kind of gross, well you are supposed to mix this, you are supposed to open it and immediately put it in the fridge and then mix it up before you use it, but with my peanut butter balls the cool thing is that I am going to dump this out, I am going to dump this oil out, so you watch this, it's pretty gross. Make all that oil going down, now like I said you are supposed to keep it in there, this is healthy fats, all natural, but I like to dump it out and which of course I already did, it gets a little bit dry right here, so it's in this bowl right there. Okay, so now we are going to get started. First just take any kind of mixing bowl; we are going to put the dry ingredients in first. So, I am just going to just put in protein powder, this is one-and-a-quarter cups like I said and we are going to put in the oats too, one cup of oats. Now on to the fun part, we have honey right here, got my one cup already measured out and you may think that the honey won't give it enough sweetness but I guarantee you that, you will be pleasantly surprised. Just going to come out, spread it out there, it's sticky. Alright and next, last but not least we have the peanut butter, just glob up that in, it's kind of gross actually. Okay, now we have it all in there and now we're going to mix. This may take a minute. So we will right back, take about five minutes. Okay, so by this time it's time to lose this batcher and I want you to wash your hands, which I already did I swear, I know you didn't see it, but I did. I want you to get your hands dirty in here, just kind of mash it all up because you are still going to have some of that protein parts stuck at the bottom, if you have dealt with protein powder in the past, you know how sticky it can get when it mixes with water or not enough water. So, obviously it will still do that in this instance. So basically you got a big peanut butter ball right here. So once you got that all situated, now it's time to just plop them on the wax paper, I am going to wash my hands though first. So the cool thing about these always that there is not much preparation, you don't need to bake it, you just basically make it the way you want. You can also make the ratios of all the ingredients the way you want it to. So, if you are not a huge fan of the protein powder, you can just put a half cup in there instead of a cup and a quarter cup in there. So it's all in what you prefer, like that. So we are going to make these into the balls right now and this is going to probably make about two dozens. The balls that I showed you earlier are little bit bigger. So we want to make these, I don't know, little bit bigger than quarter, size of a quarter, there we go. Plop them right there and then they are all done. So I am just going to make a couple right now. This is cool, you know something you can make, if it's snowing outside and you are snowed in. We here in the Detroit area -- we recently got about a foot of snow and I wish I could have shot my show for you guys because our snow blower didn't work. So I woke up 6:00 am and start shoveling and there was probably about -- it was snowing about two inches an hour. So I shoveled for an hour-and-a-half, I stepped on my heart rate monitor and guys I burned like 600 calories and I'm not lying, it was one of the greatest workouts I have ever had. I knew that I was going to do that, that day that's why I purposefully did not workout that day and I am so glad that didn't because the next day I was so sour. So guys if you are going to shovel, please be careful and make sure that you also use your legs, just like in a squat like I always explain you guys, you want to make sure you are using the legs and not rounding the back. Okay, so we got some protein balls right here fresh and I had just warmed up -- I am going to come on this way, I just warmed up some chocolate. All I did was take some semi-sweet morsels, two cups in one bag, so I just poured it into this pan and just heated it on low and made it nice and creamy, see that, made it nice and creamy, you don't want it heat it up for too long otherwise it might burn and it get crusty like crumbling. So you can either drizzle or dip it in. So I am just going to kind of drizzle over the top, see how pretty that looks this is awesome, you can serve these Hanukkah, Christmas, whatever you celebrate, it's a great dessert and again to you guys, people are not going to know that there is protein in these. Now you are probably wondering, okay Jen! That looks really-really good, how fattening are they or how bad are they? Well, I am going to tell you, you can pop this up on the screen I am going to put this on the blog, that's right below here as well. One of these peanut butter balls, if you are making two dozens contains 103 calories, now this is just this alone. 103 calories, it has 3.5 grams of fat, 11.5 grams of carbs, we have 7.5 grams of protein and 6 grams of sugar. So for one of these, 103 calories but it has a good amount of ratio of the protein, the carbohydrates and the fats that's basically a good snack when you take with you in the car. Now if you have the chocolate on there or if you dipped in the chocolate, I would estimate that this chocolate is about half a tablespoon right here. So, that's about an extra 35 calories right there and extra about 2 grams of fats. So you are looking at one of these protein balls with the chocolate on there, to be about 138 calories versus a 103, 5.8 grams of fats, 17 carbs, 7.5 protein and 10 grams of sugar. So just have one or two of these, maybe three, if you did well on your cardio that day, but these are just something little bit more better because they don't contain any butter, they don't contain any unnatural forms of any sugars or anything like that, because the honey is probably one of the best sugars if you are going to have any that you can have nice and complex. So I want to try this, try it at home, let me know how you think about it. Email me at, we are also on iTunes, you can subscribe, go to Brides Made Fit, subscribe, then it will pop up on your iTunes list every week and then pop up right on to your on your iPod and we air a new episode every Wednesday morning which is Eastern Standard time here in United States. We are also on YouTube and Viddler, just Google us, Brides Made Fit and also Jenny DiDonato, you can find me and tweet me up on Twitter, Jenny Didonato, I am also Jennifer Didonato on Facebook, I want to be your friend. So give me a holler, also when you holler out to Carlston, Carlston is been a really loyal viewer and he has been giving a lot of good tips and feedback on the show, so I want to thank you so much Carlston, I hope you have a great holiday. For the rest of you too, have a great holiday and I will see you next time. Now I am going to have one of my victims trying my peanut butter balls. Hello John! Come over here, come over here, which one you want to try, this one, okay. This is somebody who does not typically like peanut butter in his tiffin, this is icing. John: Good. Jennifer DiDonato: Is it good? I see, try them. Are they good? John: Oh yeah. Jennifer DiDonato: Oh good! I am glad, thank you so much.