Healthy New Years Resolutions
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This year getting healthy, getting fit and saving money top the list.


Female Speaker: It is the season for New Year's resolution and this year getting healthy, getting fit and saving money top to list. Fitness magazine Holly Pevzner and here are some tips and tool to help us to do it. Hey Holly! Holly Pevzner: Hi. Female Speaker: So, Holly how do we stay healthy and save money all at the same time this year? Holly Pevzner: Well, you know it's not as hard as you might think. The one great tip to start with January is to go through your medicine cabinet clear out all of the drugs that have expired, and then when you're ready to refill all those prescriptions be smart about where you go. Pharmacy is vary greatly as in terms of pricing and we found a really great deal at target pharmacy, they actually have just wonderful generics program, you can get a 30 day supply for just $4 or a 90 day supply for just $10, but what makes target so great is actually they have a clear RX system as well, which means all of the information that you need that you not normally not reading that's in the pencil and in the box, it's all right there on the label, so it's incredibly hard to miss. They also have these great color coated rings that go into that bottles. So say, I'm labelled pink, my husband is labelled blue, my son is labelled orange, we all know exactly whose medicine goes to who, which is really great for safety reasons. And just taking of kids, you know they've got great flavoring options are target that are absolutely free over a dozen options, so that will help the medicine go down little bit more smoothly, which is always a good thing. I think when you're there getting your medicine refilled that's really smart to ahead over to the skin care oil. The winter months bring dry air, which brings dry skin, crack skin, painful skin, which is a health problem so you want to take care of that. One of a great product that I recommend is Aveeno Skin Relief moisturizing lotion. It has got this triple therapeutic oat formula, it last 24 hours, so it's really, really soothing and great for that dry cracked skin and it's only $8, which is a fantastic deal. Female Speaker: Well, that's great. What are some exercise tips for us? Holly Pevzner: Well, you know it's a big method that you need to join the gym and spend a lot of money to get in shape that's totally not true. We have a fitness magazine believe you can do it just as much at home. If you go on fitness, you can actually access over a 140 free workout videos and there is a special thing where you can actually pick and choose different moves, different body parts and create a literally millions of different videos. So, you cannot get bored. And you know to get motivated to do all this fitness, we have fitness magazine, you really believe that you need to dress the part. If you're wearing you know sweats pants, baggy t-shirt and things like that, you're not sending the message to yourself that you're ready to work. So, get yourself a nice fitness, something that's gear and it's not going to cost a lot of money. One outline that we love is C9 from Champion and that so the target, you can get like the jog bra, the pants, the shoes everything that's you know has the balls and rustles that you'll find in more expensive brands in a more moisture return technology, the UV protection, you know all those great stuff, but not one single item is over $30. And you've get the stuff for the whole family kids, husband and everyone. So that's really a wonderful thing. Female Speaker: Wow! Wonderful. Is there any diet and weight loss advice? Holly Pevzner: The really interesting thing about, you know diet in the economy has been when the economy is not so great, which is right now. People will actually eat better, the reason of we're not going out to dinner as much, so we're eating at home. When we eat at home, we cook for ourselves and we tend to make healthier choices. And one really smart healthy choice to make is adding more fibre to your diet, you know potatoes, beans, whole grains and things like that are really proven to fill you up and when you're more fall you're less likely to snack on junk. A really fun tip is to have a romantic dinner where it doesn't sound like it would do anything as far as weight loss, but it actually does you have the dim lights, you have slow music those are both proven ways to help you slow down when you eat. And when you slow down, you eat less and when you eat less, you lose weight. Female Speaker: Alright. Excellent, excellent tips and thank you so much Holly. Holly Pevzner: Thank you very much. Female Speaker: Weekly go for more events. Holly Pevzner: Check out or check us at the newsstand. Female Speaker: Thanks a lot. Holly Pevzner: Thank you.