Healthy Meals to Make with Your Kids
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Better.TV's Rhiannon Ally helps the Food Dude Kevin Roberts show you how to prepare easy and healthy meals you can make with your kids at home.


Rhiannon: Don’t chase the kids out of the kitchen just yet. Let them help. You just may get them to eat healthier. I have the kitchen with Better’s food dude, Kevin Roberts and whipped up some great meals covering the whole family together. TV Chef Kevin Roberts is a big kid at heart. So, better show us a delicious and fun thing to make for the kids. Kevin: Right and of course kids love hands-on cooking. Rhiannon: They will play with their food. Kevin: Yes, so what we did is I spend out a bunch of ingredients for you Rhiannon and then you just let the kids kind of cook what they want. So, let’s build our own rollups. Rhiannon: I love that these are all bright and colorful. The kids will love that and they’re actually healthy. Kevin: They are healthy tortillas. I’m throwing on some salami. I’ve got some roast beef of course, a little cheese right? Rhiannon: Yes. Kevin: And I like the big crunch effect of course, I’m a crunchy type of guy. So I'm going throw a little pickle spear right in the middle, maybe two, I’m feeling extra crunchy. Rhiannon: I feel like we’re in a contest of who can do the quickest. Kevin: I’m actually going faster than you. Now, it’s all about the rollup. I think I’m going this way. Rhiannon: I am too. Look at that, they’re going to have a blast making these. Kevin: And then of course we take this, cut it in half and get that wonderful piece there. The kids are going to love it because they made it themselves. Rhiannon: And it’s delicious and nutritious. Kevin: There’s no way to complain like, “Mom, what did you do that for?” I'm like you’re like, “You made it. You made it, you eat it.” Rhiannon: One thing kids love chicken tenders. Not always the healthiest but this way, they can make on themselves. Kevin: They’re baked crunchy chicken fingers, so let’s start with—I’ll pull this out of your way. Rhiannon: Thank you. Kevin: Obviously FFO’s, French FFO’s, French Fried Onions. We call it FFO’s in the business. Rhiannon: Who doesn’t love these? Kevin: Oh my gosh, we should get a pound of heck out of them. And you let the kid says never everything’s hands-on. So, play the other way. So, kids obviously love the pulverized things. Rhiannon: Kids, what about adults? Kevin: I see you’re having some fun Rhiannon. So, put these in the bowl and then it’s all about, so you grab your raw chicken, your strips and you throw them in the wash, right? Rhiannon: Which is just egg yolk. Kevin: Yes exactly, egg yolk. And then into the FFO’s and flour mixture and here actually, will you coat our bacon? Rhiannon: I would love to, sure. Kevin: While I cook these guys up. Rhiannon: How much oil? Kevin: That’s good. Yeah, and then just kind of rub it all around so you don’t want any sticking happening here. Rhiannon: There we go. Kevin: Right. Rhiannon: Look at that, that looks delicious. Kevin: Oh yes, I love the crunch from French Fried Onions, it is such a great crunch. Rhiannon: It’s going to give it a different flavor. Kevin: And it’s great. It’s typical staple item in your pantry. Everybody should have that. I mean I’ve got it mine because look. And thenit’s versatile. Rhiannon: How long do we bake this? Kevin: Let’s go 20 minutes. Obviously, you want the chicken cooked through. I’m a big fan of 350, unless you’re running late, unless you’re running late. Rhiannon: Okay at 350, 20 minutes and here’s what they look like. Now tell me, what is this delicious salsa here? Kevin: This is your honey mustard that’s just brand new out from French’s Mustard. It’s so new and it’s so popular, I don’t have any bottle to show you. It’s a teaser. So, look for French’s Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce. Rhiannon: It’s not as honey as it normally is. Kevin: Exactly, honey mustard dipping sauce. Rhiannon: It’s very good. And lastly, we just have one more quick thing to mention, if your kids like little sandwiches. Kevin: Right, just little lender’s bagels, who doesn’t want a bagel, right? And obviously lender’s old school, trustworthy I call them. They’ve been around forever. And yes making the kind of sandwich you want, kind of like the rollups but on a bagel. It’s all creativity so kids are like, “I don’t want a rollup,” “Oh then you get a bagel sandwich.” Rhiannon: These are all healthy for your kids. They won’t even know it, that they’ll be eating nutritiously. Thank you so much Kevin. You can find all these recipes in his new book Munchies and also online, Thanks again. Kevin: Sure.