Healthy Living Tips: Avoid Poor Eating Habits
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Healthy Lifestyle Video Tutorial - What can I do to avoid poor eating habits when my colleagues all eat together and sharing Food is a tradition?


Host: What can I do to avoid poor eating habits when all my colleagues all eat together and sharing food is a tradition? Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak: A lot of people are actually really lucky in their office that they had a lot of colleague camaraderie and often eat lunch together. This can actually be great for your diet particularly if that accountability partner, that other buddy that you have that has same the goals is with you and you are motivating each other, at the same time eating together. However, if other colleagues in your office do not show the same goal related to weight loss or even just healthy eating, this can also be an uncomfortable situation. Particular people are taking more notice that maybe you have changed an eating habit or two. I suggest maybe starting some new traditions. Certainly, eating together is a tradition, but could you be bringing in perhaps some healthy dishes, some fruits, fresh fruit and dip as a way to maybe change it up and start sharing your love and your desire for healthy eating with the rest of your colleagues without making it too much of a big deal. It's simply just something that you are trying to start, a new healthy tradition. Even considering a healthy happy hour once a week you might be able to bring in a few items and people might not even know that they are actually eating a little differently.