Healthy Holiday Shopping
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Holiday shopping, especially last minute shopping, can turn into long hours of waiting in lines, hunting deals, and grabbing a high-calorie lunch or snack in between. Here to help prevent that is wellness expert, Melissa Cassera.


Host: Holiday shopping especially the last minute shopping really can turn into long hours of waiting in those lines hunting deals and then grabbing a high calorie lunch or snack in between because you’ve got to eat right. Here to help prevent all of that and share her tips for turning holiday shopping into a healthy activity is wellness expert Melissa Casera. Welcome back, Melissa. Melissa: Thank you. Nice to see you. Host: Just in time. Melissa: Yes, just in time. Host: Eating healthy is like usually the last thing on people’s minds right about this time of year right? Melissa: That’s true. Everyone’s really stressed out. They’re trying to get their last minute shopping in and what are the two excuses. We’re going to pick up fastfood because we have no time to cook and we’re going to skip the workout because we just can’t fit in even 15 minutes. Host: I’m too tired. You have a few eating strategies for us that we’re going to start off with right? This is something we should take with us when we’re shopping? Melissa: Yes, definitely. I mean the first tip is really to eat before you go. Try to have a high protein snack or high protein meal before you leave the house so you’re not shopping hungry. But when you’re out, you’re going to be smelling all these delicious things, pretzels, hotdogs, everything that’s out there so pack snacks so that when you do get hungry when the cravings do come, bring apples, bring bananas, bring protein bars things that you can have with you that you can easily grab and eat that aren’t going to be too messy. You can eat them on the go in the car or while you’re walking. Also make sure to bring some water. Regular bottled water, you could do flavored water like whatever you prefer just to keep yourself hydrated while you’re on the go. Host: You have so much going on your mind when it comes to the shopping but should you be planning for a healthy meal while you’re out too or can you kind of enjoy yourself? What do you say? Melissa: I say play in for a healthy meal. You pretty much have a plan and know where you’re going so you can identify ahead of time which restaurants are in the area. So you can go online very easily and look up what restaurants are there, look at their online menus. See who has the healthiest options and if that fails and you don’t do that ahead of time, go for the salad or go for something that’s as close to having less processed ingredients as possible. So the grilled chickens, the fish that’s the way you want to go. Host: And while you’re shopping too, you can get a little workout as well. I like the fact that you brought this because you might forget when you’re shopping to take the pedometer with you. Melissa: Yes, the pedometer is really great. This is actually a calorie tracking pedometer as well so not only is it going to do your steps but it’s going to do your calories so if you don’t believe me in saying that you can burn 300 calories while you’re out shopping, use the pedometer and then I promise you, it will happen. Host: You’ve got some great tips too because obviously you have the bags here too, are you suggesting that we use the bags to do some exercise? Melissa: I do so here’s a couple really quick moves that you can do. When you have the heavy bags, your already adding weight to your body weight which is a great thing. So you can easily while you’re standing in line or walking, easily lift them up, raise them up like a bicep curl. Pause and hold for 30 seconds and then release down. So you can do these easy exercises that aren’t going to look crazy when you’re out in public but at the same time are going to give you that benefit and you want to take the stairs as often as possible. If you live in an area that’s suburban, that there’s a parking lot, park in the farthest spot. Fight over the farthest spot instead of the closest spot so you’re getting that added benefit. Host: That’s what I have to learn because it can get ugly for those parking spots too. Now, we have just a few seconds but obviously you’ve got to avoid the stress. Plan ahead when it comes to packing and making your list and that’s what you have here too. Melissa: Yes, you want to plan ahead. You want to make a list. Don’t go over budget. Make a budget for each recipient on your list. That’s something that happens, people tend to go overboard so you can do that ahead of time, write it all down in a notebook and bring coupons with you. Host: So smart, thank you so much and you look fabulous so you know what you’re talking about too. Thanks so much Melissa. Melissa: Thanks.