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If you're not sure what to buy the kids on your holiday gift list this year you may want to consider toys that are not only fun to play with but may help make your kids healthier. Juli is out shopping in New York City, let's see what she found.


Audra Lowe: If you're not sure what to buy the kids on your holiday gift list this year, you might want to consider toys that are not only fun to play with but will also might help make your kids healthier. Juli is out shopping in New York City, let's see what she found. Juli Auclair: Hi! Melissa. Melissa Cassera: Hello! How are you? Juli Auclair: I am glad. How are you? Melissa Cassera: Good. It is great to meet you. Juli Auclair: Great to meet you and we could really use some help. Get ready for the holidays. Melissa Cassera: Okay. Juli Auclair: Okay, so first tell us what's a healthy gift? Melissa Cassera: Sure. Well, healthy gifts are all about nutrition, they are all about getting kids up off the couch and out playing and they are also about learning that ongoing education whether it's about eco-friendly items or just learning throughout the winter break. Juli Auclair: Tell me about some of the topics that help kids learn about nutrition? Melissa Cassera: Sure, well here is my nutrition pics and we are going to start here with the Passport to the World program. Juli Auclair: This is so cool. Melissa Cassera: This is actually an offline and online culinary and cultural adventure. So basically, the kids log on, they get recipes they can learn about different languages. There is a new country each month and the first month is Sweden, so we have a cooking tool, an apron, a little bit of jam. Juli Auclair: And this is one of my favorites because we always see food for kids but not healthy. Melissa Cassera: Yes, this is great and one of my favorites as well. It's the Healthy Snacks Food Set from Learning Resources. The great thing about this is all the snacks contained in here gets kids excited about eating yogurt, carrot, celery, grapes and all the things that you see inside, and it's got a great little travel kit so that they can take it around. Cooking together with your child is great. It teaches them kitchen etiquette, it gets them cooking, it gets some trying new foods. So I found the Williams and Sonoma Cooking Together cook book as well as the Ginger Kids' Kitchen Basics: Rules, Tools and Etiquette book. Juli Auclair: Okay, so these gifts all help kids make healthy eating choices but you also have stuff that will get them moving, get them exercising. Melissa Cassera: I do have, absolutely. Juli Auclair: Will you show me? Melissa Cassera: Okay, yes. Juli Auclair: Okay. Oh! It looks fun already. Melissa Cassera: This is the NERF, capture the flag dart tag game. So, the really great thing about this is it's very high energy, very high intensity and as you can see the darts which I know a lot of parents are probably concern with, they are foam so if you can see me squeezing them, they are great for outside play but even indoor play because that's not going to hurt anything. Juli Auclair: No one is going to get injured. Alright, little football, always gets the kids moving. Melissa Cassera: This is always great. It really gets you out, especially, at holiday parties, you shouldn't be sitting around with the food instead you should be out playing. This is great for the whole family, it's the NERF all-weather football. So even if it's snowing out you can still go out and have a great game of football. Juli Auclair: Alright, this one looks like fun and it's not even out of the box yet. Melissa Cassera: No. Juli Auclair: Tell me about Stomp. Melissa Cassera: No, this one is great. This is 1-2-3 Stomp. So as you can even see on the front of the box, what you are doing is you are stepping on the platform and all of the numbers fly all over the room and so you have to raised to pick up the numbers and put them back into the platform. Juli Auclair: These are fantastic and I want to know what else made your list? Melissa Cassera: Okay, great, we are going to move on to the educational and eco-friendly books. These are the pottery barn learn to dress dolls. The great things about these is that they teach multiple skills to children. So as you can see, there are buttons, zippers are on the pants, then there are shoe laces on the shoes to teach them how to tie and then for the girl, you can actually braid her hair. Juli Auclair: Alright, tell me about this little giraffe. Melissa Cassera: This is sophie, the giraffe and it's actually, from right here at Pink Olive. The best part about this is babies always want to put the toys in their mouth when they play but this is nontoxic paint that's on sophie. So it's safe to put in your mouth, safe to play with for babies, great gift for the holidays. This is from Woodland Tales, also here at Pink Olive. This actually engages all of the senses for kids. So as you can see with sight, it's bright, you can hear it with sound, it twinkles, and there's textures to this. Juli Auclair: Melissa, great gift ideas. Thank you so much. Melissa Cassera: Thank you. Juli Auclair: You've helped us all with our shopping lists. Melissa Cassera: Great. Juli Auclair: Happy holidays to you. Melissa Cassera: Happy holidays.