Healthy Foods Update: Best New Snacks
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Healthy foods are our passion. Try our best new snacks and you'll never know they are good for you too! Watch more workout videos for free at Sarah shares her favorite new healthy snacks you must give a try.


Sarah: Welcome to the calorie minute brought to you by nutrisystem. I am Sarah and I love to grocery shop, unfortunately nobody really likes to come with me when I go to the supermarket, that's because I take entirely very too much time. Whenever I see a new product, I pick it up, look at the nutrition facts, look at the price and then I either put it in my basket or I put it back. So, today I have decided to share with all of you some of my recent and most favorite buys. First up is new sweet obsession Cheating with Chocolates, a Sensible Portions, 100 calorie packs that come in flavors S'mores and Cinnamon Bun. For only a 100 calories there is actually only seven grams of sugar in that. So that's actually a pretty good deal for 100 calories and with actual chocolate on them. So the S'mores have actual chocolate and Cinnamon Bun have a white chocolate and they are delicious and they are truly do taste like they are more than a 100 calories so you are almost like cheating, but you are not, get it. And then moving on number two we have Chobani or Chobani depending on your own personal preference where you put on your base. We have this flavored Greek yogurt. There is three fruit flavors, blueberry, peach and strawberry as well as plain and vanilla. Right here we have vanilla and with only 120 calories this is fairly low for a flavored Greek yogurt and why is Greek yogurt so amazing, well there is a whopping 16 grams of protein just in this little cup of yogurt. So, 16 grams of protein and 120 calories is not a bad deal for just a snack. And then last up we have Cedar's Tzatziki that is how you pronounce it. The TZ is a J Tzatziki sauce. Today, I have with me the cucumber garlic which has also basically what it is it's a really creamy spread or a dip. Now you can use it with crackers and this here this one taste a really good with sea food such as grilled salmon, so it's a great topping for that. You can also use Tzatziki instead of using it for a meal. And my favorite is the roasted red pepper, which they are actually also better at the grocery store when I brought this to film this video and it's amazing. I would definitely recommend using it on something like a bagel. So the Tzatziki sauce is quickly becoming a staple in my refrigerator itself, let me give it a try. It's delicious. Buy a little loaf of bread, cut off the top, scoop it up and put that in between or can eat it yourself and people would be very impressed. So, I am going to continue eating here with my mouth open, the new sponsor for this show. If you like watching our videos, dial channel for free, please click on the link to left of our sponsor so that we can continue making these videos for all of you and help you guys incorporate new exercises into your routines at the gym and help you find new yummy foods to stay slim. Don't forget to subscribe to diet health and I will see you next time.