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Find out what you need to be doing in order to keep your family healthy and happy this winter and year round.


Audra Lowe: Alright. Summer is gone, unfortunately, but it’s time to still stay fit or get fit depending on your situation and you and your family definitely want to get back on track and put those healthy habits in high gear. Lifestyle Expert Cindy Piccoli is here. She is helping us do just that. She’s got some great tips and a lot of products that will keep you and your family healthy and fit this fall, because we forget. Summer is over and you’re like, “Uh whatever!” Cindy Piccoli: We do. And going back to school, it’s really important that vaccines would be taken by teens. Despite the CDC’s advice, most teens don’t get their shots. At age 11, the T Dot booster is recommended to protect against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis a.k.a. Whooping Cough. If your child is not vaccinated, they can catch pertussis. So go to Audra Lowe: You got a lot of information. Cindy Piccoli: Get your whole family in the shape with Heelys. These are so terrific. You pop out the heel and you put in the wheel and it goes from a shoe to a wheel to a shoe to a wheel, back and forth again and they’ve got them for boys, girls and adults so the whole family can keep it together. Audra Lowe: It’s what I want. And that actually stays in there. There aren’t going to be a wheel rolling off down the street. Cindy Piccoli: No. It stays in there. Audra Lowe: That stays in there tight. Okay. Cindy Piccoli: And being organized reduces stress, and post it notes, we all love them. We got the post it super sticky recycled notes—recycle is a good word which stronger and longer. The post it flag plus writing tools and the super sticky designer notes so that you can leave yourself self reminders in style. Audra Lowe: Exactly. I don’t know if they can see this or not on the camera but this particular pen here, you showed me earlier has post its built in. It’s hard to see but there is a post it right there. You can just pull it out. I haven’t thought of that and I love. Cindy Piccoli: And flag the information with these little—like reminding your book. Audra Lowe: Exactly. Cindy Piccoli: And there is a great website where the people should go to, it’s called or, and it’s got great tips, activities in and out of school plus a chance to win $2,500 for your child’s college education. It’s never too early to start. Audra Lowe: Right. A lot of activities and ideas for—because parents sometimes forget what else to do. You ran out of ideas so that’s a good resource. Cindy Piccoli: Here’s a great idea. Give your child some support in our out of the school. These are Hallmark’s encouragement cards for kids with a recorded sound and humor, and I’m going to hold this up so that you can hear what it says. Audra Lowe: I like that. Cindy Piccoli: The Hallmark and Gold Crown stores and what a wonderful thing to send to your child. Audra Lowe: Exactly, a little reinforcement there too. And speaking of reinforcement… Cindy Piccoli: Dentists are now warning parents against erosion that takes away the tooth enamel. Well, Sensodyne Pronamel for children is scientifically proven to re-harden tooth enamel and protect against acid erosion and cavities. It has a sweet little mint flavor so they’ll like it just getting to brush their teeth. Audra Lowe: Right. They’ve got the sensitive teeth, that’s good if they use that. Cindy Piccoli: Absolutely. Now, mornings are really busy times for families especially if the parents are working and the children are off to the school and breakfast is essential. Carnation instant breakfast, these essentials are easy to prepare, nutritionally complete breakfast, vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium, only $0.76 per serving also makes a really great snack. Audra Lowe: We like that. That’s good. Cindy Piccoli: And also, teens want to have clear skin. It’s better for their social life and their self-esteem. This is dermatologist tested, Clearasil Antibacteria oil-free formula. It deep cleans, eliminates bacteria and leaves the skin fresh. Audra Lowe: It could be your best friend to stop here. Thank you so much. Cindy, this is great. a lot of information here. You kind of organized it all for us though. Nice to meet you. Cindy Piccoli: Nice to meet you too.