Healthy Brunch Ideas For Mother's Day
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Get some great ideas on how to make a healthy brunch this Mother's Day. Enjoy delicious protein and fiber filled oatmeal pancakes with Dara Zall Kelly, perinatal fitness expert and mom.


[Music playing] Sarah: Welcome to video, I am Sarah your host and I am here with mom and perinatal fitness expert Dara and today we are going to be showing you guys some excellent brunch ideas that are heart healthy and fun for your kids to help you out in the kitchen. Dara: Well starting off, one of the best ways to start off your breakfast is by getting nice big glass of water or some orange juice. Either fresh squeeze or fortified with calcium and iron. It is a great way to get some of those extra vitamins and minerals and sometimes we forget or we are not able to taking as many as we need and this is a great way, fortified orange juice of getting that. So, good way to start there, Sarah: All right now, onto the good side we have got a delicious looking omelet. So, what makes us our heart healthy? Dara: Well, this is your typical brunch fair. Usually, you find an omelet made with four or five whole eggs but here we have taken basically the egg white, four egg whites and one whole egg as supposed to the full fat yolks and every single one of them. And then we have added some fresh produce whatever you find in your local farmers market is generally good. Sauté them a little bit and then added some goat cheese or some fatted cheese, something that just gives a little bit of a bite and of course your heart healthy and the vitamin rich spinach full of folic acid. Put those of together and the omelet and you have got a great protein rich feeling wonderful meal. Sarah: I love the sprouted green that usually what I have firstly for breakfast. It is definitely does keep you fall. And now, we here we have some pancake that looks really fun and I am guessing you did have a lot helper in making these? Dara: I am most definitely did. Now, most people think of pancakes is a very heavy, heavy dense practice. But they do not have to be. And in fact my daughter helped me make these fit and fabulous pancakes, a recipe from my good friend and trainer Alicia. And all you do is a cup of oats, four egg whites, maybe one whole egg and a ripe small banana, put it on a blender. Blend it up till it reaches that pancake butter consistency, put it in the pan you have got your regular round shape but then if you do something fun, we have done heart shapes today but you can do any sort of shape you want. It is fun for kids, fun for moms, it works all around. Sarah: Looks delicious and I am really excited to try it. Over here we have one of my personal favorites as well, apparently just like to eat and eat all of these foods. Fruit and granola but it is a little bit different this time. Tell me about why this is so unique? Dara: Well, this is great. This is a Greek style yogurt. It is a little bit thicker than the traditional yogurt. And we have added in some honey, some flock seed and a little bit of dry cranberries as well as vitamin rich berries -- fresh berries from the farmers market. And we have mixed that all together and top that with a little bit of granola as you can see here. And it adds just a little bit of crunch to it. It makes it nice and sweet. Ordinarily, Greek style yogurt can be a little bit tart but when we add in those extras, it can be a lot sweeter and really good for you. If you can find Greek style yogurt, another tip for my friend Sherry Viten of the real food revival, she says to make your own yogurt, Greek style yogurt with locally made yogurt and putting it through a strainer to make that thickness. So, again feeling heart healthy, tastes great. It is a really good way to start your day. Sarah: And we also have some fruit skewers which are actually a tongue twister, if you did not know that they are. These are all so fun to make with your kids and a little tip from my sister who was a nanny who told me, you put grapes on the ends, the fruit does not fall off. Dara: Amazing, you learned something new everyday. Sarah: It is also fun activity for kids. Well that is about it for today. We hope you guys enjoyed our brunch ideas and you get find all of these recipes of course at and the next time you see Dara most likely, these little bump will be gone. So, good luck with your delivery and next time I guess I will be posting it already. Dara: Yes, post natal shoot. Coming up, three weeks.