Health Orientated Fast Food Restaurants
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Chris Burrous tells you all about the new trend in fast food joints to use healthier ingredients and meat in their food preparation.


Chris Burros: A hotdog stand, a burger joint and a new fastfood café. It may not look like it is at first but these three dining spots around Los Angeles are actually putting the words healthy and environmentally friendly in the eating on the go. And while healthier fastfood sounds like an oxymoron, Sue Moore of Let’s Be Frank in Culver City is—no junk hotdog that’s lowering sodium and calories is not only better for you, it’s better tasty than the classic dog you might find somewhere else. Sue Moore: I think the unique thing about our hotdog is that our beefdog the cattle are all raise out on pasture. They’re not finishing the good lot. Our hotdog we use the plate, the shoulder clods and there’s no lips, lids and lobes in our dog. Chris Burros: Sue and her partner Larry said they came up with the motto Dogs Gone Good to educate customers about the importance of eating clean meat because they’re supporting local ranchers raising healthy livestock. Sue Moore: Small farmers want to direct market their cattle. Our theory was that if we can pick up some of those less sub primal cuts as they call them, that will make it easier for the rancher to market the whole animal. They’ll do better and they’ll stay ranching and that’s what we all want. Chris Burros: Across town in West Hollywood, there’s a spot giving the quick combo meal a run for its money. Martha Chang: If it goes in your mouth then it’s edible, it is organic including the catsup. Chris Burros: Film producer Martha Chang and personal chef Andy Soboil say they opened O!Burger to give people a completely organic experience with the traditionally high fat meal. Chole King: It taste like it is almost gourmet, I mean it really feels like you’re’ getting something special. Chris Burros: The co-owners say their burgers fries and shakes are healthier because what they’re serving up is all organic and natural. Chole King: People eat burgers and they feel really bloated and I think it’s because of the quality of the ingredients really but when you’re eating completely organic grass fed beef there are no hormones, there are no steroids, there are no antibodies so it’s just really natural health. Andy Soboil: Organic fries are very different to normal fries. Normal fries are often seeded with many different things but the organic fries are treated other than just with apple juice or with apple—and it takes a little longer to cook and it doesn’t become quite as golden but the flavor is absolutely there, right, Martha. Martha Chang: So, with the potatoes. Chris Burros: The organic trend continues at this new fastfood chain called Organic to Go. Here, the menu is a mix of lunch favorites like salads and sandwiches but with your lunch order comes a side of agricultural education. Jason Brown: The way Organic to Go works is that we open up the inside the belly’s of buildings or as part of a corporate structure and we’re the normal American cuisine and this switch over between eating conventional and eating organic. In a lot of ways, it starts with education because all of a sudden people start to think about food in a very different light. Chris Burros: Organic to Go is the first USTA certified organic fast casual café and it has locations all over Los Angeles in Orange County. Jason Brown: The quality and the integrity of the farms that we buy from is very important. People want to have some kind of a connection and understand truly in their heart that what they’re doing is they’re doing something good for themselves and providing good feel for themselves and their family. Chris Burros: Finally, fastfood, you don’t have to feel guilty about eating.