Health Benefits of Probiotics
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Dr. Ann Kulze, popularly known as "Dr. Ann", defines probiotics and explains how they can help you improve your health.


What are probiotics? Well, probiotics are the beneficial friendly bacteria that reside in your GI track. Things like lactobacillus, acidophilus and bifidobacterium. They’re found naturally in permanent foods like yogurt, and kiefer and miso but you can also buy them in supplement form. In fact they’re very, very popular supplements and we typically recommend now for people that need them gastrointestinal health. Evidence is that they maybe beneficial for people that a year old bowel syndrome, people that have ulcer and colitis or Crohn's disease very useful for people that are on antiobiotics and the antibiotics kill all the good bacteria. Sometimes that can even cause diarrhea so you can use them to replenish the good bacteria that the antibiotics you’re taking has killed all. Excellent for prevention of traveling diarrhea when people got to travel to countries. We now know that if you take probiotics beginning a few days before you get there it should decrease your risk of getting traveler’s diarrhea. There is evidence they can sort of boost immunity in general. We have studies in children that have chosen that daycare kids that the probiotics got less diarrhea especially from rotavirus and even less respiratory infections. Evidence for benefits for kids with colic, I have four kids and they all had colic and wish I’d known about probiotics back then I would have certainly done that very, very safe. In fact, I know of no risk or no side effects with the exception of possibly an interaction with one particular medication called sulfasalazine which is sometimes used in patients that have inflammatory bowel disease. It is really important when you buy a probiotic supplement. If you’re going to use them because that you think it will be useful for your specific situation to be sure that each doze provides at least 1 billion live organisms Because that’s the minimal amount studies are showing are necessary for efficacy and the other thing you need to know it is ideal to keep your probiotic supplement refrigerated and usually that’s the way you’re going to purchase them from the health store or the healthy grocery store. So probiotics again are very useful for people with gastrointestinal disturbance or illness and if you’re going to be travelling to a terrible country and real, simple, straightforward for how to use them as directed on the bottle and this is Dr. Ann for ICYou, until next time, enjoy health.