Having a Healthy Child After Multiple Miscarriages
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Dr. Carrillo shares if you can still have a healthy baby after multiple miscarriages and explains if stress can cause a miscarriage.


Having a Healthy Child After Multiple Miscarriages Having two miscarriages does increase the risk of having another miscarriage above the baseline risk but not significantly. After two losses the risk of pregnancy loss is 28 percent versus your original risk of 20 percent as the general population. However, after three pregnancy losses that risk of future miscarriages goes up to 43 percent. At that point some people would recommend that an evaluation by either a generalist OB/GYN like myself or by a specialist such as a reproductive endocrinologist might be warranted to try to identify reasons for why we keep having the miscarriage. In that, it’s important for patients to realize that up to half of patients we will never find an answer for why they have repeated miscarriages, but the good news is that in that group, 70 percent will then go on to have a pregnancy at some point, a normal pregnancy. Does stress have any effect on miscarriage? And, although I can’t say definitively that it does not, I don’t know that any physician would ever stay pregnant because we are pretty stressed. I don’t know if that’s the right answer but all different walks of life conceive and have children and stress is present across all lifestyles. So I think in the big sense, stress doesn’t make a big final decision unless stress makes us do things maybe we shouldn’t have, like excessive smoking.