Hasbro Family Game Night 2 - Producer Walkthrough Trailer
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The Producers of Hasbro Family Game Night 2 cover all the virtual family fun you can have in their board game sequel for the Wii and DS.


Male: Hello, welcome to Hasbro Family Game Night 2 for Nintendo Wii. Female: Yes, it’s the sequel to Hasbro Family Game Night and there were some exciting new games to play. Included— Male: Connect 4x4— Female: Jenga— Male: Pictureka— Female: Bop it— Male: And Operation. Female: Plus, there’s a single-player challenge mode called High School Mania. Male: And all for this in the main event a Hasbro Family Game Show. Each game, we can play with very classic rules which are the great new—most especially created for the Wii. Female: Let’s start with Connect 4 x 4. It has the same rules as Classic Connect 4. Male: Get four chips in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Female: That is your two racks to play with, meaning it’s the perfect four-player game. Now, you can build Connect 4’s on either side of the rack or thread them through rows. Male: Connect 4 x 4 power squares is the remix version. In this mode, the ball has super squares. Drop your chip into the super squares to trigger the power and help your new way to multiple Connect 4 x 4’s. There are five powers to try. Female: The score square earns you the point shown on the square. Male: Teleport is what you achieve of any other on the board. Female: To have a square, attract your chip in the space for just one round and stop the other player’s chance of sneaking in the Connect 4. Male: Fireworks squares make a cascade of your chips rain down into the board for a super high score. Female: And then, there’s detonate which will explode your chip in any surrounding one stoop. Let me run to Jengga. Male: Remove the blocks and place them carefully back on—making it full. Tap the blocks to see if they’ll come out easily. And carefully, tease them out of their position. Female: See how high you can stack them and watch out for the tower wobbling. Watch out Mr. Potato head. Male: This is Pictureka. Female: It’s all about memory and the lightning reactions as you race to find the pictures first. The rules are simple. Male: If it’s a blue card, first to find the right image wins. Female: If it’s a red card, whoever beats the highest will have to find that man objects. If he or she can't, the next highest bidder takes a turn. Male: If it’s a green card, roll the dice and find that number of objects. Female: Sometimes you might disagree whether an image fits into a certain category. So, you can challenge decisions. The penguin will pop-up to the side when opinions are divided. Male: Let’s take a look at Operation. Select the part from Cavity Sam. Then, zoom in to Sam’s body. We’ll have to find him some parts. Female: They can be slippery, so you’ll have to be quick. Male: For the extracted, by guiding it carefully though the cavities twisting the Wii remote. Female: The more difficult the pieces to extract the more you’ll score. In remix mode, Cavity Sam needs some emergency treatment. Use the emergency equipment there is. Locate it around the patient to help. Male: There are free pre-operation games and free emergency recovery games. If the pesky jams they fill extract them before they explode. Sam might need a quick clean before operating. So, scrub away the germs by shaking the Wii remote. Female: If you failed in during the extraction, you get a chance to recover. Sometimes cavity Sam needs some fresh air. So, shake your Wii remote to administer it. If he’s feeling nervous, you might need to steady his pulse again using the A and B buttons and waggling the Wii remote. To administer anesthetic, keep a needle in the green safe sign by titling your Wii remote left and right. Let’s jump over the game of bop it. The aim of the game is to make the correct gesture of the bop it calls you out. The game gets quicker and quicker as you play. Male: At bop it, you will try and catch by calling the color of the action piece with just playing the action sound. Female: You can also customize the game played by selecting vox bop, colour bop or beat bop. Here is a tip for you. Watch Mr. Potato head as he dances and he’ll show you what to do for each action. Male: You can trace the music. So, pop, rock, latin or disco and see Mr. Potato head do a different dance for each. Female: If you love the games in Hasbro Family Game Night 2, why not try the mini game show. Make: It’s party time with your own personal Mii. You’ll even see them in the game cheering you on. Female: A game show has 37 of remix of mini games to play from all five of the Hasbro’s Family Game Night 2 games. So, spin the wheel and get playing. Male: The game board is made up with four zones. Win a zone and you’ll win a life in the final play. Even if you don’t win, you still have a chance to win at the end. Female: And if you do win our family game show, you’ll unlock a fabulous golden Mr. Potato head piece. Win 12 game shows and get the set. Male: Want to customize your Mr. Potato head? Female: Or perhaps you prefer to hang out with his lovely wife Mrs. Potato head. Male: By playing the game well, you can earn Potato heads. Female: Choose from 12 themes including a Wild West outfit, super hero costume and horror spud. Male: Try the collect the whole themes or just mix them up. Female: And while you’re customizing Mr. Potato head and Mrs. Potato head, you can also change your room theme to a New York, Las Vegas or Tokyo penthouse or even customize your music playlist. Male: Finally, let’s not forget high score mania. We can play many of the remix mini games or the ultimate high score. For every consecutive game you win, you’ll also get a bonus score multiplier. When the games get high, the higher you’ll multiply. So, don’t forget to bank your score if you think you should get into a tricky. Female: Hasbro’s family game night 2 has something for everyone. It’s the perfect way to bring the family together. Male: If you think this sounds fun, check out Hasbro Family Game Night which includes Battleship, Boogle, Connect 4, Soy and Soy sliders. Don’t forget there’s a special price for Hasbro Family game Night 2 players for the played Hasbro Family Game night 1.