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It is down to the wire and you still haven't bought gifts for some of those special folks in your life. Harry and David is here to help! Harry and David gift expert, Bill Ihle, is back to talk about great ideas for last minute gifts.


Host: Alright it’s down to the wire and you still haven’t bought gifts for some of those special folks in your life. Harry and David is here to help, thank God. The prestigious brand has been around for 75 years and they never ever disappoint. Harry and David gift expert Bill Eli is back to talk about great ideas for last minute gifts. Bill: it’s great to be back. Absolutely, three days in a row. Host: I’m glad you’re here. Okay so we’ve already talked about the fact that Harry and David really did exist. Bill: Great affordable gifts. Host: And in terms of the shipping, how late can you actually order-- Bill: Today is the surface cut off and so what that means is if you want to get that order in today, because otherwise, you’re going to end up paying a little bit more for shipping. But you’re still going to have gifts, we’ll still have gifts for you and today, we still have the free standard shipping on all of our gifts except the wine gifts and I think that’s a really exceptional deal that you have. The great Harry and David brand and some really great prices. Host: I’m glad you guys do that because I’m on the late freight this year. I thought I was going to be early but I’m late. So let’s talk about the variety you guys have. Not just the fruit right? Bill: Yes, we know certainly the Harry and David royal Riviera pears are absolutely great signature item that we’ve known for 75 years and all of that but if you want something different this year, this is a great thing that we have. The tower. I think the tower—we are known for our gift baskets and tower of treats and this is such a fun little item. In each one of these boxes is going to be another treat. Host: So I’ve got to put you on that spot here. Is this a prop or is this really—Can I open it? Bill: Absolutely, go ahead, let’s open it up. You’re going to have apples, you’re going to have the pears. You’ve got the Harry and David truffles. As Money Magazine did a blind taste test and said how great they were, here’s the chocolate covered bing cherries. In each one of the boxes is going to be another fabulous gift. This is the cookie collection. The Christmas cookie collection. You have not only the cookies there, if you can see them in there, there’s a whole other set of them down below that. Host: Would you say a lot of people need to know because they think it’s just a little air. Bill: I think that they think it’s just the top and it’s not just there. It is absolutely full. These are great affordable gifts. The tower is under $40.00. The cookie collection is also great and affordable. We have our great fruit gift baskets. This is one of the signature items for Harry and David. Host: I like that your voice went deep for that. It’s really serious. Bill: It’s true, it has the moose munch. It has the apples, chocolate covered cherries. It’s going to have fruit and gifts all through the bottom. Host: Underneath there too right? Bill: All underneath of that. Great affordable gift under $50.00. Host: I can smell these. These smell really really good. Bill: This is the Wolferman’s English muffins, absolutely signature English muffins since the 1800s. A lot of people say, they’re not going to make it home for the holidays this year. They can’t afford it. You can send the breakfast for the morning. Host: I though you meant this won’t make it. Bill: They may not make it past today. But you can send the holiday breakfast when everybody’s opening their packages and everybody’s going to love it and that’s an absolutely fabulous item. That’s $29.95 and then the other one here. This is another gift from Wolferman’s absolutely fabulous, it’s got the English muffins, it’s got the preserves, it’s got the scones. It’s a fun little gift there and again— Host: And it’s heavy. There’s a lot of stuff in there. Bill: There’s a lot in there. These are great last minute gifts from Harry and David. You can go to harryanddavid.com. Put your email address in and we’re going to be able to send you all the specials that we have, all the gifts, all the different promotions that we have but you’re going to want to know these are the holiday secrets from Harry and David. Host: Do it ASAP. Bill: That’s true. Host: Thank you so much Bill, I appreciate it. Good to have you here. Bill: Happy holidays. Host: To you too. For more great last minute gift ideas, be sure to do exactly what Bill said, log on to harryanddavid.com.