Harry and David Holiday Gifts Under $50
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You know those baskets full of goodies and fruit. Do not be fooled by their beautiful presentation- these gifts are affordable! Harry and David gift expert, Bill Ihle, is here to talk about great gift ideas for this holiday season.


Host: Harry and David is a prestigious brand that’s been around for 75 years. You know those baskets full of goodies and fruit when you see them. You know exactly what they are but don’t be fooled by their beautiful presentation. These gifts are actually really affordable. Harry and David gift expert Bill Eli is here to talk about great gift ideas this holiday season. Welcome back Bill. Good to see you. Bill: Thank you, it’s nice to be here again. Host: There is a real Harry and David right? Bill: There were two brothers that founded the company 75 years ago. We still farm some of the very same land. In fact, the land that we grow our pears on is still some of the very same land that they started the company with 75 years ago in southern— Host: They’re huge. Tell me what those things are. Bill: This is the signature item. The Harry and David royal Riviera pear that people love giving and love receiving and it’sjust—it’s good land in the Rhode Valley of southern Oregon. Host: I have to ask you though, there’s a lot of gift ideas out there. This year, any year. But why Harry and David. Why would these make great gifts for people out there? Bill: It’s absolutely the gift of exceptional quality and great value combining with it with a name brand that’s unlike any other Harry and David. People when they get the Harry and David box, they’re going to known you sent the very best, you’ve sent a prestige gift, you’ve sent a gift that really is great taste and our little secret is you don’t have to spend a lot. Harry and David has some exceptional values this year for some gifts. Host: There’s food inside. There’s something good inside. Bill: The other part is, I can send any of these gift baskets. I don’t have to know your size. I don’t have to know your color. I don’t know how your house is decorated. I can send you a Harry and David gift and it’s going to always be appropriate. Host: Let’s talk about the gift baskets. You have hundreds of them. Bill: We have a lot of them. You’re absolutely right. I brought a couple of them with me today. This is an absolute great gift basket. Some of our favorites, the chocolate covered bing cherries, moose munch, apples. It’s got all great fruit and products underneath although the bottom of the basket. Host: That’s not filler underneath there right? Bill: No, it’s not filler and this is under $50.00. It has the truffles, great holiday gifts and people love keeping the baskets afterward. This is one of the gift baskets that doesn’t have the fruit but has the great snack items in it. Again, it’s under $50.00. Today and tomorrow, if you go to the Harry and David website, you’re going to be able to find out that we have free standard shipping on all of our gifts except for the wine gifts which by the way this year, we have absolutely fabulous gift baskets with wines from Rioja. Perfectly matched so that it’s going to go great with the food. Host: Good ideas online too. So okay. I never can get through all of this. If someone sends you a basket, there’s so much in there. Bill: It is, this is from Wolferman’s. I know you love this. This is absolutely a great gift. This is the candy cane and inside of it is all the great Wolferman’s gift products for breakfast. A lot of people have been telling me, they’re not going to be able to make it there for the holiday breakfast this year. There is the cinnamon roll, the great Wolferman’s absolutely fabulous English muffins. Host: You guys, this is all the real estate of this candy cane right? Bill: We absolutely did and again that’s going to be under $45.00. Host: Alright, you guys have some great deals and again, remember to go to the website too because as Bill mentioned, there’s other great deals online as well. Thank you so much. Bill: Thank you dear. Host: I’m holding on to this one. When you come to this show, you’ve got to leave something and if you guys want to get more great holiday gift ideas, you can just log on to harryanddavid.com and Bill’s not done with Better just yet. He’s going to be back tomorrow. You promise? Bill: I promise I’ll be back. Host: He’s going to show us some great last minute gifts a well. Thanks so much, we appreciate it.