Happy Meals Banned in San Francisco
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Last month the food police sued a North Carolina man for growing fresh vegetables, and this month San Francisco's food cops have committed a different kind of atrocity by making the City by the Bay the first major metropolis to ban toys in happy meals.


Happy Meals Banned in San Francisco Reason TV Nanny of the Month October 2010 Correspondent: Whether you love it, hate it or have never thought about it chances are some Nanny wants to ban it. Presenting the Nanny of the Month runners up Washington State for making online poker a class C felony. Correspondent: How old is too old for trick or treating? Correspondent: And Bellville, Illinois for banning teens from trick or treating but there can only be one Nanny of the month and this time its San Francisco supervisor Eric Mar for leading the charge against Happy Meal Toys. Correspondent: A measure that bans McDonalds form offering a free toy in children’s meals. Correspondent: The Ban is not limited to Mickey Ds and Mar says its just the first step. Eric: We intend to look at other issues upholding restaurants, corporations and also our governments accountable for the health of our children. Correspondent: Mar calls it food justice and his colleagues hopes the movement spreads to other cities. Speaker: I don’t care how much they say. It’s San Francisco. They’re whacked out there. Correspondent: There are ways around the ban if the restaurants cut calorie cunts and add veggies. Speaker: If you have to put a Shrek Doll with a package of carrots maybe that’s what you have to do. Correspondent: Check back next month for more examples of busy bodies minding your own business. Speaker: You can market carrots.