Hanging Pictures in Your Home
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Hanging pictures on your walls adds style and elegance to your rooms. AsktheDecorator.com host Meghan Carter shows you the right way to hang pictures so you don't damage your pictures or your walls. With her simple tips, you'll be hanging pictures in no time, and you'll avoid common mistakes that can not only look bad, but also damage your home and pictures.


Hanging pictures keeps your walls from looking drab and I’ll show you how to hang them right. I am Meghan Carter and this is AskTheDecorator. Before hanging pictures you have to determine how heavy your pictures are. When you look for picture hangers you will notice that the weight each picture hanger can hold will be written at the box. The weight of your picture will determine what types of picture hanger you will need to buy. Make sure your picture hangers are strong enough to hold the weight of your picture. If they aren’t your picture may fall down and bring the wall with it and you don’t want that to happen. To hang the pictures first determine the height for where you would like the pictures to hang. Remember the height isn’t determined by the height of the picture but the location of the picture’s bracket or wire. If you are hanging a small picture put your picture hanger where the center and the height intercept. If you are hanging a big picture you want to use two picture hangers. Place each picture hanger equal distant from the center of where you would like to hang the pictures. To make sure the picture hangers are level use an old fashioned level or a laser level. Once you have found the place for your picture hangers use a hammer to nail them in. Be very careful when hammering you don’t want to accidentally hit your thumb or mess up your wall. After your wall hanger are in place hang up your picture. Wow! Doesn't that look awesome? Walls filled with pictures looks so much better with bare ones. So have fun hanging your pictures. I am Meghan Carter and this is AskTheDecorator. For more decorating tips and information on new decorating thoughts visit my website AsktheDecorator.com