Gun Parts Found In Child's Stuffed Animals In Airport
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Airport security found gun parts hidden in a boy's 3 stuffed animals.


(Image Source: Transportation Security Administration )   BY EMILY ALLEN ANCHOR LAUREN GORES   Airport screeners discovered some not-so-cuddly innards in a boy’s stuffed animals.  Turns out, the stuffed animals were packing gun parts.    Here’s a description from Boston’s WHDH .   “The main frame was located inside a bear.  A magazine loaded with two rounds was hidden in a bunny and a firing pin was stuffed inside Mickey Mouse.”   The four-year-old and his father were headed from Rhode Island’s T.F. Green International Airport to Detroit. TSA officials questioned the man.   According to WLNE — the father says he knew nothing about the disassembled weapon.   “Investigators then asked the man a series of questions and they felt that after that series of questioning was over that he was telling them the truth and that he had no idea how those gun parts got into his son’s stuffed animals.”   So how did the gun get there?  It’s unlikely the four-year-old could disassemble a gun and carefully stitch it into his furry friends.    But CNN reports investigators are turning their attention to the boy’s mother.   “It appears to be the result of a domestic dispute.  It was jointly investigated by the Rhode Island police, the FBI and the Rhode Island State Police, and it was determined that there was no threat to air safety at any time.”   The father was detained for three hours and then released. After that, he hopped on a plane with his son.   Boston’s WBZ and Providence’s WJAR interviewed travelers who were shocked to find out that TSA agents still let the man fly.    “Regardless, they should have never let him get on the plane with all the stuff that’s going on in the country.”   “I’m really absolutely shocked.  With the way that things are today, the high security.  Yeah, they just had an underwear bomber.”   A TSA spokesperson tells CBS the stuffed animals were in a carry-on bag that went through normal screening procedures.