Guitar Scale Sequencing Lesson
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Learn how to use scale sequencing to take your guitar playing to another level. With scale sequencing you can explore your fret board. Get instant access to FREE Secret Guitar Lessons at

Transcript, the number one name in Guitar Lesson Online Hi! I’m Nate Savage and on this series lessons, we’re going to talk all about the guitar skill sequencing. Now, all a sequence is, it’s a series of notes repeated throughout the scale or an arpeggio or something like that, all the way from one into the scale to the other. Now, this is the important for your to know, because it get you out of the rot of playing like a major scale from one note all the way up to the octave to that note or something this. [Demonstration] So, scale sequencing is a great tool took you out of the box and to quite making you sound like you’re just playing on a major scale up and down and its great for slowing and rock, blues, jazz and just about any kind of music. So, we’re going take the major scale and our pentatonic scale and learn some guitar scale sequences in sixes, fours and threes.