Guide to Bagels Part 2
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This food video focuses on Montreal Fairmount Bagels bakery's delicious Cinnamon Raisin bagel, and you also get a simple breakfast bagel recipe.


Angelica Le Minh: Okay so your favorite? Erwin: There is one popular I remember a cinnamon raisin bagel. You toast it a bit, you cut it in a half—actually you cut in half first then you toast it a bit and then you put it in a frying pan with a little bit of butter and then you break an egg in the hole of each side of the cinnamon raisin bagel and you let that simmer for a bit and then you flip it over or you doing keep your eggs sunny side up and then you take some thinly sliced mozzarella cheese or Swiss cheese and you melt it over the top and then you put that on your plate and then you put a little bit of maple syrup on it. Angelica Le Minh: So it’s like a French toast. Erwin: Yeah. Angelica Le Minh: So, what's with the fire in there? Is that a coal base fire? Erwin: No, it’s a wood base fire. Angelica Le Minh: Wood base fire? Erwin: We put you know fresh, real wood. That’s what we use. Angelica Le Minh: Fresh, real wood. Erwin: Fresh, real wood to make fresh, real bagels. Angelica Le Minh: Do, you have anybody that who is specific duty is to put the wood in this room? Erwin: Yeah, the baker. No, no, the baker will add the wood as he needs it because he’s baking the bagel and he has to accommodate the bagel, and he has to keep the temperature at the right level so that the bagel will baked properly and the right amount of time and so that he has to got to keep the heat. It’s not like a regular oven where you turn the dial and you got 450 or 550 or 650 here. The dial is in your head and in your heart. It’s a very artisanal type of work. Angelica Le Minh: And when you're drunk? Erwin: You can't bake bagel. I've been here 30 years. My dad was like you know 30 years before me. Angelica Le Minh: Do you still love the bagels after all this time. Erwin: I still love the bagels. Angelica Le Minh: Do you have to think of breaking sometimes or you can— Erwin: From eating them you mean. Angelica Le Minh: Bagel all the time. Erwin: Can you coffee everyday? Angelica Le Minh: Yes. Erwin: Toast and coffee in the morning, I mean that’s kind of the thing right. It’s bagel instead of toast and once you have a fair amount of bagel you're never going to eat toast again. Angelica Le Minh: You can't go back. Erwin: You're never going to eat toast again. I mean you just won’t. We’re doing here what we did 100 years ago. It’s no different at all. There is nothing that changed. You know, so that’s what I love about the place. We’re not harming anybody and we’re filling a need and we’re doing something the way it used to be done, hands-on, people driven, family oriented and that’s what Bernal bagel is all about.