Grilling Vegetables with Herbs
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For many, summer means lots of family meals cooked over the grill. Allen Smith has some tips on grilling some great tasting vegetables with fresh herbs.

Transcript P.ALLEN SMITH Garden There is nothing like enjoying the flavor of fresh vegetables. Whether you grow them yourself or pick them up from the market. One of my favorite ways to cook vegetables is just to put them on a grill. You cannot beat the flavor of fresh squash, onions, bell peppers and eggplant when cooked on an open fire. Virtually any vegetable is suitable for grilling and you will be surprised in how good they taste. I like to make a simple marinade from vinegar, olive oil, a little crash garlic and whatever herbs I happen to have and of course some salts and pepper. One of my favorite herbs to use on the vegetables is thyme. Whether it is fresh or dry, it always enhances the flavor. Now, ones I have prepared the marinade I just quickly coat the vegetables on all sides, top and bottom. Now, if you are using small delicate vegetables like mushrooms and new potatoes you want to keep them from falling through the grill. Just use a piece of aluminum foil with holes punctured in it or if you are lucky enough to find one of these grilling baskets, they are ideal. The open wire or mesh of these baskets will allow the smoke to flavor the vegetables and turning them as a snack. I just placed larger vegetables like peppers and eggplants directly on to grill and the medium to hot fire will have them ready before you know it. So you will need to watch them closely, turning them as each side begins to brown. When you already had the grill set up for chicken or stakes try grilling some fresh vegetables to round out the meal. The taste is great. From the garden I am Allen Smith If you would like more information on this topic or any other garden topic just check out my website Hortus. Ltd. All Rights Reserved