Grilled Garlic Bread
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The Neely clan gathers for a family meal with a twist: Neely Italian!


Grilled Garlic Bread Pat: Guess what, we’re grilling again. We’re going to grill garlic bread. Gina is going to chop up two garlic cloves. Gina: Yes, give it a lot of garlic flavor. Pat: So we’ve got some great, great Italian bread for you that we’re going to cook about a quarter of an inch. So we want it a little thick. I always like to get fancy and so you see I cut them at an angle? It just looks so much prettier. I toll my grill back there earlier, you ain’t done yet. Gina: We have to grill everything. Pat: Right. Gina: I think that’s some nice little cute slices on there huh? Pat: You know a great Italian dinner at Neely’s house would not be finished without some great garlic bread. Gina: A family party can be a chaos, chaos. I mean just trying to prepare, Pat and I talk about it. But I guess start it early because I know it's going to happen. I'm going to run out of time. I just kind of pace myself as I go so I won't feel so overwhelmed. It's always sort of it. I think this is all in the whole high of entertaining just going through all of those emotions. Pat: So I've got the rest of the ingredients out honey. We’ve got some dried basil. We’ve got some red pepper flakes and we’ve got olive oil. Gina: I knew we had the red pepper flakes, I was pretty sure of that. Pat: You already know. You already know. As you tell me, you don’t want that all the time. So we’ve got a quarter of teaspoon of dried basil. Gina: We’re going to put this right in. Pat: All right and then, we’ve got a quarter of teaspoon of red pepper flakes. Gina: Yes, then we’re going to add in a half a cup of olive oil. Pat: I'm going to get your whisk. Gina: Thank you. If you work together with a person that we kind going on, we have a husband and wife. We work together. You know, we have that host, you know kinship going but we’re kind of seeing how it just meshes very well on another level. Pat: There you go. Gina: Thank you and then we’re just going to whisk it out together. Pat: So now, we’re going to bring our platter up here. Gina: I should have had you bring me a little salt and pepper. Pat: Well honey, don’t you-- Gina: Just some salt, not the pepper because you got red pepper flakes, just the little salt Pat. Pat: Normally, Gina is the spice fairy and she normally goes--but since it’s me, I'm going to go-- Gina: Yes, let’s put some basil. Put some burn on. Pat: All right, now we’ve got them. I'm just going to line these breads across here. We want to brush both sides of them. We’re just going to brush it right on. Gina: So that it gets that nice grilled marks and be toasty. I'm trying to dance with my brush. Pat: And we turn these over. The pepper flakes really, they’re going to wake this bread up. Gina and I go to a lot of Italian restaurants here in Memphis and typically most of them before we even ordered they come out with hot fresh garlic bread. Gina: And I hate it, because I can't resist it. Pat: But they typically just have olive oil and basil. Gina: Oh, so you cut your bread kind of slanted. Pat: Kind of. Gina: We’ll decorate a little bit. Pat: Put a little spin on it, do you know what I mean? Gina: Trying to have presentation. Pat: There you go. Gina: See why it's nice to cook in the kitchen with your husband? Pat: Oh, ain’t it nice? You guys know we have a bowl. Gina: Why does everything in this kitchen seemed big daddy like? We’ve got to find us a little momma brushes. Pat: We are, with a little pink top on it. We’ve got our grill back there where we just pulled off the romaine lettuce and it’s still at a medium heat. We’re just going to take this right back and start this party because we know this is going to be some family coming before long. Gina didn’t tell me how mw many when we’re doing to do a whole loaf of bread, they’re coming. They’re coming. They’re coming. Putting together an Italian style meal for our family is not that difficult. A lot of times when we invite our family over, we want to put a different spin and we don’t want them to always eat barbecue. Gina: All right, I’ll get the pasta in the pot. Pat: All right Gina, I'm going to throw this garlic bread on the grill. My mother will be cooking the spaghetti and I would be sitting next to her and we’re having this great conversation, my mother. Gina, you want to taste this, and she would give her a spoonful. Okay, it's been five minutes. I'm just going to flip the garlic bread. Bread is going to be fantastic.