Grilled BBQ Bacon Shrimp
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Sunny grills bacon-wrapped shrimp brushed with homemade barbecue sauce.


Grilled BBQ Bacon Shrimp Female: Let’s fire up the grill. First things first, we are going to work on this barbeque sauce that you are going to find yourself putting on everything. We are talking chicken, pulled pork sandwiches and the cool thing about this barbeque sauce is I pretty much always have these ingredients on hand. The ginger might be the only thing that you need to buy but you know what, keep it in your freezer and it stays for a long time. So, just go ahead and get the skin off of your ginger with the back of your spoon. And then grate away about an inch or so of it. Let me tell you, this barbeque sauce is so quick and easy to put together. So, when you have your friends coming over I mean you can whip this up, no problem. Just put my onion and my Jalapeno pepper and what I am going to do is I am going to chop this up. I'm going to get them into my sauté pan because we are going to grill for a second with the shrimp and the bacon. I want to make sure that everything is tender so it kind of sticks when I chew into it everything goes together and the only crunch I get is from that crispy bacon. So, I am going to go ahead and get my onion and my Jalapeno ready to go for the barbeque sauce. Alright, that is all we got to do right now, just some butter, onions, the ginger, the Jalapeno pepper. I am going to stir this around. We are going to work on getting them nice and tender and ready for the barbeque sauce. So, down in here, what we want to do is go ahead and add some OJ, some tomato sauce, ketchup, cayenne, pepper and brown sugar but I want to show you how I’ve got some wooden skewers over here soaking in some water getting ready for the grill. Soak them on water before you grill so they don’t stick and burn. It is so easy to pull off the shrimp too when you soak them on water like that. So, do yourself that quick favor. Alright, down into my sauce pan here with the butter and our onions and the jalapeno pepper and our ginger, it is going to add so much kick, just a little bit of OJ goes in. It gives a little kick to it. I like OJ, always have it on the fridge. And then some ketchup and then what I want to do is turn this up and get this cooking. Now, you are going to know this is done. I mean look it only takes about 10 to 15 minutes for it to be completely done but you will start noticing the edges of it, caramelizing in your sauce pan, that is what when you know it is ready to take it off the heat. And get it ready for your bacon and your shrimp or your chicken or your pulled pork sandwich like I've said. Alright, some heat down there, now you know when I throw the heat, I got to get some sweet on it too. So, some dark brown sugar, I feel like you can almost never go too sweet on a barbeque sauce. Alright, that is good to go so I am just going to let this bubble for a second. As you could see my girl Latina is here we are ready to grill. Now, here is the barbeque sauce. I forgot to tell you what we’re eating today. Latina: What are we eating? Female: That is because every time I tell you what we are eating and you come over, you don’t eat everything. Latina: I do. Female: And you didn’t. Latina: One time. Female: Whatever. Latina: I never leave a damn. Female: Exactly. Can you cut the bacon into thirds? Latina: Into thirds, got it. Female: And then what we are going to do is just wrap those around the shrimp. And you must stick your skewer right through the tail and then straighten up the natural curvature of the shrimp right through to the top. See that right there? Latina: See it. Female: Alright and then you want to take a piece of bacon, that my girl Latina is so nicely sliced up. And then just wrap it right around. We are going to do this to all of the rest of them and then brush them up with some of that barbeque sauce and get them on the grill. That is good right now. We will do a second batch in a second. Latina: Okay got it. Female: Alright, let’s get some shrimp. Now remember, this shrimp we made the barbeque sauce earlier. It’s got the ginger. It’s got your onions, the Jalapenos.