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Green up your act! Going green doesn’t mean giving up on being clean. Grist advice mistress Umbra Fisk offers up alternatives to chemical-laden cleaning products.


Grist TV Ask Umbra Female: Today’s question comes from Todd in truth or consequences New Mexico. Dear Umbra, Male: What is the dirt on cleaning products? They all seem dirty. I mean are there any alternatives? Female: Dearest Todd, it turns out the steel wool has been pulled over our eyes. Conventional cleaning products are a major contributor to indoor air pollution and other health problems. If you read the label on a cleaner and you cannot pronounce the words, find a different product. And if there are not any ingredients listed, call up and ask what you are buying. I have got a few tips that I will help you clean up your act. Female: Believe it or not, it is really easy to make your own household cleaners. All Umbra cleaning recipes are based on some combination of four simple ingredients. White vinegar, castile soap, baking soda, water, and some good old fashioned arm strength. One thing you can do is mix white vinegar with water, and you have got a window cleaner. It is also really good for bathrooms, kitchens and floors. Baking soda with a touch of water makes a great paste for scrubbing. It is abrasive. To add more joy to your cleaning experience, use a reusable cleaning cloth instead of paper towels. Wax on wax off. But if you do not want to make your own cleaners, look for green supplies at a store near you. Let us talk to a green cleaning professional. Wayne: Hi! I am Wayne and we have got much store Go Green, we are located at 45 Atlantic Governor at Downtown Brooklyn. We are selling nontoxic, environmentally safe cleaning products and all the products that we sell are bio based products. That means that they come from vegetables, fruits, and they are biodegradable. Female: So there you have it, tips for immaculate living. Happy cleaning, sparklingly, Umbra. For more on Green cleaning, check out my column on The claims made in this video may not reflect the views of neither nor Umbra Fisk guarantees that any advice contained in this video is wise or safe though much of it will make you a better person and possibly a better looking person. Please proceed at your own risk. And look both ways when crossing the street. Executive producers: Chip Giller, Stefanie Syman Creative Director: Stefanie Syman Writer, Director, Producer: Jennifer Prediger Additional Scripting: Rebecca Warren, Katharine Wroth, Mensch, Torrey Townsend Music Moby “rotator” Courtesy of Moby Gratis Starring: Todd Zuniga