Great Vacation Destinations For Grown Ups
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The Travel Channel's Samantha Brown joins Better to talk about a few vacation locations that are perfect for the grown-ups, once the kids head off to school, such as New Orleans in Louisiana and Santa Barbara in California.


Audra Lowe: Back to school also means that mom and dad can go back to being an adults and chill out a little bit. So let's go Trippin' with Better and that's as easy as getting Travel Channel host Samantha Brown here. She has got some great destinations for grown ups. And she is going to tell us why they're the perfect spots for adults while the kids are back at school, because you can finally exhale. Right, Samantha? Samantha Brown: Absolutely, we spent so much time making sure our kids or tweens, or teens, or toddlers are having a great time. Now they're in school. Now it's your time. Audra Lowe: Exactly. Speaking of your time, can we just rewind a little bit, because you've been on the Travel Channel for ten years now. Samantha Brown: I have. Audra Lowe: Been around the world. Best job in the world. That's what everybody says. Samantha Brown: No doubt about it. No doubt. Audra Lowe: How did you get the job? Samantha Brown: Actually I auditioned. Audra Lowe: Yeah. Samantha Brown: About 10 years ago and I had no idea what a host was. Audra Lowe: Really? Samantha Brown: I had never traveled before. I go to New Hampshire. So when I got it that's what I've brought to the show is the sense of that; that I wasn't an travel expert, I was every person. Audra Lowe: Yeah. Samantha Brown: Just discovering these places. Most importantly bringing the audience along with me. Audra Lowe: You are doing a fantastic job. Talk about hitting the jackpot too. Now one of the top spots that you mention is Santa Barbara. It seems a pretty obvious though. Samantha Brown: Yeah. Audra Lowe: Why would you say that it's specific for moms and dads getting away from the kids and where would you say they should stay? Samantha Brown: What I love about Santa Barbara is that, it is sophisticated, it is romantic, and it definitely has the reputation of being an upscale destination and yet you can do it inexpensively. You can be an adult. You've got the mountains on one side, the Pacific Ocean on the other. There is a beautiful main street where you can walk along going to gallery shops, wine bars. They always have an outdoor art installment. So again it's almost like after spending a summer going to water parks and theme parks, it's a great way to just sit there with a glass of Shiraz and remember that you're actually not thirteen. Audra Lowe: You're suggesting staying at the Santa Barbara Inn too, right? Samantha Brown: The Inn in Santa Barbara it's located right on main street. Perfect location. Starts at a $177 a night which is a not great deal. I stayed there; I loved it. Audra Lowe: Another sexy city Austin, Texas. Samantha Brown: Yeah. Austin, Texas is for the adults who want to let loose and pretend that they're 20 years old again. Audra Lowe: Right. Samantha Brown: Or maybe later in the 20's. You know drinking age 20's, but I remember when I was in my 20's I went to a lot of a bands. I want to concerts and Austin is the live music capital of the United States. There is live music in supermarkets when you arrive at the airport they've got a great music scene. Also, you want to stay in an area called SoCo that's the hip way of saying South Congress. Audra Lowe: Got it! Samantha Brown: That's that funky alternative. You can get a cupcake out of an air stream trailer. Great vintage shops, great Mexican food. Love it! Audra Lowe: Now speaking of like -- I am feeling like you're in a foreign place. You're suggesting New Orleans. Samantha Brown: Yeah. Audra Lowe: You really feel like you're away. Samantha Brown: Absolutely! Audra Lowe: And music too. Lots of music. Samantha Brown: Yeah. And we would be remiss not to mention New Orleans at this time at the anniversary of Katrina. It is no doubt and I can say this with authority, because I've been around the world it is no doubt one of the best cities in the world. Not even in the United States, it is a national treasure, it is a world treasure. It gave the world jazz. Audra Lowe: Right. That's what coming from you too. Samantha Brown: Absolutely! But what I love about it for adults is that it's a mysterious, it's exotic, it's foreign, and again you are still in the United States. So it's familiar. Audra Lowe: Right. Samantha Brown: Great places to go to the get off Bourbon Street. This toward central is Frenchman Street. This is where the locals go to hear jazz and it's right off the French Quarter. Still walking distance, wonderful shopping, Magazine Street. Again, these are places that are owned by the locals and they serve the locals. So they're good to stop by and check out. Audra Lowe: Just before we go, because we've got three more to go, Key West, Puerto Rico, or Cruises. Which one would you want to talk about for a few seconds? Samantha Brown: I want to talk about Puerto Rico. Audra Lowe: Okay. Samantha Brown: They just survived a hurricane. Audra Lowe: Hurricane, yeah. Samantha Brown: They're doing well. Puerto Rico, a few Americans realize that you don't need a passport to go to. Audra Lowe: Right. Samantha Brown: So it feels like you're going to Spain without a passport and without the price tag. You want to go to Old San Juan, historic meandering streets. You feel like you're in Spain. They also have an island off of Puerto Rico called Culebra. And Culebra is this little known place and it feels like you're on the beaches of Greece. The beaches are as good as the beaches in Greece. Audra Lowe: They are. Samantha Brown: And again you're not traveling. 7,000 miles to get there. So it's a great deal. Audra Lowe: You made me want to go somewhere right now. Samantha brown: Come with me! Audra Lowe: We will just leave. Exactly! We will be here tomorrow. Thank you so much Samantha. And you could always catch Samantha every single weekday at noon on the Travel Channel.