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The Better.TV's hair expert Gregg answers a viewer's question about semi permanent hair coloring and gray hair cover.


Gray Hair Cover Advice Rhiannon Ally Now, let’s talk color for you hair. It can be tricky when those pesky gray start coming in. Believe it or not I have had a few. Celebrity hairstylist Gregg Giannillo has some great advice in today’s better tressed. Gregg: How about a new viewer email? This one today is from Brenda. Brenda writes, “Hi Greg, I saw your segment on hair coloring. I have been using a semi-permanent color in a shade of cream soda. I have noticed that the color takes great on my original color but does not on my gray. Is there a prep solution that I can buy to prepare my gray hair for the color that I am presently using or is there another hair color solution I should be using?” Well, it sounds to me based on what problems you are having that either the semi-permanent isn’t strong enough or dark enough. Strong enough I mean you would be switching to a permanent hair color, you might have more than 50% gray. In which case the semi permanent hair color, it doesn’t work. It just doesn’t cover enough. You won’t get the kind of cover that you are looking for. So, you really are at the point where you should be switching to permanent hair color I suppose to semi-permanent. The other side of it is that if you are not 50% gray and it is not covering the gray, it probably means it is not dark enough. So, I would try the next time amping it up one shade to a little bit deeper than a cream soda color and keeping it semi-permanent. Which ever the case, you will be able to cover your gray and be able to have a blended look. That is your tip of the day. Rhiannon Ally: Do you have a hair question for Greg? Email him at He will answer your questions right here on Better.