Grape Avocado Walnut Lima Bean Salad Sandwich
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This is a hearty veggie sandwich with a similar meaty consistency as a tuna or chicken sandwich but without the meat. A dish everyone can enjoy!


Pace: Hi I’m Pace The Green Girls food guru and you are watching The Green Girl’s TV. Today we are going to make a Grape Avocado Walnut, Lima Beans and Sandwich with Chive Mayonnaise. For the ingredients you’ll need, half a cup of a Red Grapes, half a cup of Lima beans, one Avocado, quarter cup of walnuts, one-third cup of mayonnaise, eight slices of whole grain bread and a small bunch of chives. First let’s get started, by cooking our lima beans they been socking for about 6 hours and drain the water and we just go over here, put a heat on high add the mayonnaise this could taking half an hour to 45 minutes, so then you completely do -- Chives here and just make the mayonnaise first, you can use step to chop the chives, its actually a really easy way because it improves the chives too much and its call slipping. And really you can use any herb you want to represent it Teragon in Basil also make a really nice herb mayonnaise, so let’s add this into bowl here and then add mayonnaise. And just stir that together take our grapes, so little bit labor -Tensive but its well worth it and cup them in half and just toss some straight and in to the bowl with the mayonnaise, it already made up. This salad is incredible because the medilas of the lima beans it really does takes like a chicken salad sandwich or tuna salad sandwich but its something little bit different, and the different form of plant proteins, so getting the high protein and chicken and tunas, Right, lets cut the avocado and I just want to cut it in half, and just twisted open, and I really I want a take spoon and just gently scoop the avocado out of the skin. And cube the avocado by cutting the long ways first and come back around cut it cubes; you know that sandwich. Alright, and lastly, when I chopped up the walnuts little finer, walnuts are awesome source of make a sets. That is -- to good brain food add these in here. Lima beans have done, I soaked them for 6 hours drain the water, and then cook them in refreshed boiling water for about 30-45 minutes. So lets mix all this to gather. Little bit of salt to taste, piece of bread and leave it up the toper, place another piece of bread on top. Let cut my sandwiches in triangle. That’s looks fine. So there we have the great Avocado walnut lima beans sandwich with chives mayonnaise. I’m Pace The Green Girls food guru and you are watching The Green Girl’s TV.