Grant Hill on Preventing MRSA
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In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay talks with NBA basketball player Grant Hill about MRSA. Hill suffered from a MRSA infection and he's teamed up with Clorox and Swap Me Sports to educate other about this antibiotic resistant staph infection. MRSA, once seen mainly in hospitals and other health care facilities, is now seen in places like schools, gyms, and health clubs. MRSA poses a risk for young athletes and Grant gives advice to parents on what to say to their kids to get them to ...


Grant Hill on Preventing MRSA Male: So today I am joined in the lab by none other than NBA star Grant Hill. Grant, thank you so much for joining us today. Grant Hill: Oh, no thank you for having me. Male: So I see that you’ve teamed up with Clorox to help spread a little bit of awareness about MRSA through stop MRSA, Tell me a little bit about that. Grant Hill: Yes, I'm also involved with Clorox and the stop MRSA coalition is a swab meets sports. But yeah, we have teamed up, we have a great website which you just mentioned. You can learn a great deal about MRSA and what it can do. I know personally, I had a MRSA infection seven years ago it’s unbelievably scary I almost died and I don’t want anybody to go through that. Male: And one of the things about MRSA is it’s becoming increasingly wide spread and then you’ve seen that in all kinds of environments all across the country. Grant Hill: Right I mean in the past you know you’ve seen MRSA in the hospital settings and now you see them allover, in health clubs, in schools, playgrounds, gymnasiums, and not to be paranoid is a little fear but if you do the simple things you know I’ll share them with you and of course obviously you want to wash your hands with soap and water that’s always a great thing. You want to use a bleach light solution to wash hard surfaces. You want to cover your cuts with bandages and make sure you keep the bandage on until your cuts are healed. You don’t want to play dirty, you want to make sure that you wash your athletic clothing after every use. You don’t want to share towels or razors or things of that nature. And I you can do those types of things then obviously you're really preventing in doing a great chance of eliminating your risk of contracting MRSA. Male: And we should point out that MRSA it’s an antibiotic resistant staph infection is that right? Grant Hill: Staph infection antibiotic resistant staph infection. Male: And one of the populations that’s at risk with this particular infection is of course young athletes. That’s got to be a group. And supposed to your heart I know it is with me. But this is kind of a tough sound to those young -- particularly boys I'm thinking about. Can you think of anything that we might say to these young athletes to help them you know not get teased about this kind of behavior? Grant Hill: When I was young and in the middle school, high school if you had a cut and you know you didn’t put a band aid on it it’s like you're showing you're cool and you're tough. But we have to forget about being cool and tough and must be smart. I think the thing is well the personal athletes do it you know we have all types of information in our locker rooms now and we have all types of precautionary measures that the team and the league sort of reinforce and you know we’re doing it, so should you, so should these kids. As a parent, I have kids and they're into sports they're young but they already know as much as most kids know about MRSA and they’ll continue to know. If you do what I said, those steps, washing your hands and washing I mean you're going to have more friends. If you're clean -- I think it’s cool to be clean and to be popular and I think that’s one way to do it. Male: What's surprising is that dads today, dads are being asked to do a whole lot of things that their dads didn’t have to do and well here's just one more. You know be mindful of these things as it pertain to hygiene because they're really going to protect you from a potentially very serious medical problems. So dad is in a new role don’t you think? Grant Hill: Well that’s true, I mean dads we do have new roles and I know I'm probably going to do a lot more or a lot more or a lot more different things than what my father did but that’s you know that’s the world we live in now the times a run and this is another thing to put on the list. This is important I mean this is -- this could be deadly and there's plenty of examples of young children who didn’t have this message or didn’t follow these steps and unfortunately died. Male: Well it is a very important message I want to remind people the website is lots of great information of that website. You can hear from Grant on the website and also there's also great information for the parents there so I want to encourage you to visit that site. Thank you Grant very much for being dadlabs today and thanks to folks on Clorox for helping to spread this message. Grant Hill: Alright, I appreciate it. Thank you for having me on. Male: Take care. That was Grant Hill, NBA star on dadlabs I'm serious go check out his website. We’ll see you next time here on the lab.