Grandma's Gift -- Giving Birth to Granddaughter
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A young couple from suburban Chicago who once thought they'd never have their own children recently welcomed their daughter into the world. They did so with the help of the baby's grandma, who carried the baby for them. (Sept. 7)


[Location: Naperville, Ill.][Date: Sept. 5, 2012][Source: AP][VO: Mid and tight shots of baby Elle Cynthia Jordan][VOICE-OVER]THIS IS ELLE CYNTHIA JORDAN… THE BABY HER PARENTS STILL CAN'T BELIEVE … IS FINALLY HERE.[SOT: Emily Jordan, Elle's mother: "We're doing good! I mean, besides a little bit of lack of sleep, which we knew was coming, we couldn't be happier. It's a dream, literally a dream come true. We never thought we were going to be in this place."[SOT: Mike Jordan, Elle's father: "No."][VO: Emily and Mike Jordan and grandmother Cindy Reutzel admire baby Elle at the Jordan's home][VOICE-OVER]THAT'S BECAUSE EMILY HAD A RADICAL HYSTERECTOMY MORE THAN TWO YEARS AGO … AFTER BEING DIAGNOSED WITH CERVICAL CANCER. SHE LOST A BABY THEN, TOO … BUT WAS ABLE TO KEEP HER OVARIES.[VO: Family photos with Mike and Emily Jordan and her mom Cindy Reutzel (pronounced: "RIGHT'-zel") at Chicago hospital before and after Elle's birth]SO HER MOM -- GRANDMA -- OFFERED TO CARRY A BABY FOR THEM AND VERY RECENTLY GAVE BIRTH TO BABY ELLE.[VO: Cindy Reutzel at the Jordan's home holding baby Elle][VOICE-OVER]SOME WONDER HOW A 53-YEAR-OLD WOMAN COULD MAKE SUCH A SACRIFICE, OR GIVE SUCH A GIFT.[SOT: Cindy Reutzel, Emily's mother: "It (exhales) ... I feel like it's a gift to me. I got to give this. I did. I know I gave a gift. But I'm also getting so much in return from that, that I don't think you can minimize the good that I am getting out of this, too."[VO: Cindy Reutzel hands her granddaughter to her daughter, Emily Jordan][NAT SOT, Cindy Reutzel: "Let me watch your mama feed you. I fed you yesterday."][VO: Emily Jordan feeds baby as her mom and husband Mike Jordan watch.][SOT: Cindy Reutzel, Emily's mother: "You know, I have this beautiful grandchild that will be in my life forever."[SOT: Mike Jordan: "We'll never be able to repay her, but one thing she asked is just, 'Raise the baby right.' And that's all she ever wants. So I think with Emily being as great a mom as she's going to be …"][VO: Tight shots of Elle drinking bottle][SOT: Mike Jordan, Elle's dad, contd." …and me doing what I have to do, I think it's going to be pretty easy for us."][VO: Tight shot of Emily watching Elle feed][VOICE-OVER]GRANDMA COULDN'T AGREE MORE.[SOT: Cindy Reutzel, Emily's mother: "When I watch both of them hold that baby and look into her face …][VO: Emily Jordan kisses Elle as she burps her. NAT SOT: "I knew you'd do it." Elle coos.][SOT: Cindy Reutzel, Emily's mother: "It's just, sorry (gets teary). It's like everything I could have imagined wanting for them.][VO: Mike and Emily Jordan stand with Elle at her crib. NAT SOT, Mike Jordan: "Are you going to wake up yet?"][SOT: Cindy Reutzel, Emily's mother: "It's like, this is what this was all about for me, to give them that opportunity to fall madly in love in two seconds with someone. And they've both done it.][VO: Mike and Emily Jordan watch Elle in her crib.][SOT: Cindy Reutzel, Emily's mother: "I see that love on their faces for Elle."][VOICE-OVER]IT'S GONE SO WELL … THAT SHE SAYS SHE'D DO IT AGAIN.[SOT: Cindy Reutzel, Emily's mother: "Anything I've gone through, this just makes it 100 percent worth it. I couldn't be happier."][VO: Elle in her crib][VOICE-OVER]NOR COULD EMILY AND MIKE.[SOT: Mike Jordan, Elle's dad: "Can't stop loving her and kissing her and telling her you love her."[SOT: Emily Jordan, Elle's mom: "Yep. She's perfect."][VO: The couple stands by nursery window with Elle.][VOICE-OVER]MARTHA IRVINE, ASSOCIATED PRESS, NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS (****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: MARTHA IRVINE-------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: MARTHA IRVINE/ROD JUSSIM---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: ASSOCIATED PRESS-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: ROD JUSSIM----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: NONE----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): NONE--------------------------------