Google Chrome 2.0 - Review
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Detailed product advice and reviews: this video reviews the Google Chrome 2.0 browsers and all its new features.


Google Chrome 2.0 - Review Welcome to PCWizKidsTech talk. Today I wanted to show you Google Chrome 2.0. This is the final version, just released last week. Basically this is the one we’re going to check it out and see if it has any new improvements. Google says that it’s supposed to be 30% faster. Well let's check it out then. I have version 1.0 here installed as you can see here and then we’re going to click on the update button and install version 2.0 which it does automatically and then we’ll restart the browser here and then check the version 2017228, that’s the final version. First look here as you can see there’s no change. The tabs look exactly the same, the icons look exactly the same, I’ll just put in my website here quickly and see how fast it loads because it does install it in a separate folder so it’s not cache and you could see this is how fast it loaded for the first time after you’ve obviously get back to the website it loads faster but the Java Script and everything rendered nicely. Everything is organized and appears properly on the web page. There's this remove thumbnail option, now when you open up a new tab you know how it shows you quick snap shots of places that you’ve been previously in the tabs, now you can clear the history and remove everything much better than before. Okay, so before there were issues with that clearing the history and the thumbnails, that has been fixed, that’s been improved and still no theme, add-on option in the menus. You have to go in manually and there’s a folder on your PC where the DLL file for the theme is actually stored. I’ll go through this in the next video on how to install themes in Google Chrome. But there is no add on feature yet in this version. There is a neat feature though that you can drag the tab out of the browser and snap it to a certain part of the screen. You seen in Windows 7 for example in my last video this is not new but they’ve added it new to Chrome. Okay, we’ve seen this feature in other programs and other OS but here in Chrome they’ve added that feature as well so you can snap things to the side have them organized neatly. So there is another option there that is new and not just bug fixes it is definitely faster, I got to say its definitely faster and I ran the peace maker here again on it, previously in my other video when I ran virtual 1.0 of Chrome it had a really low score of about 1100 points now its at 2436 points. So it is definitely ranking higher and closer to safari, much closer on the same PC that I did the bench marks previously for version 1.0 so you can watch my other video about that if you want. Now, if you want to try it out again this is the final version and on my next video about chrome we’ll go through installing themes and customizing that, okay. I hope you enjoy this video and thank you for watching.