Good Advice for Young Directors
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There are many ways to break into Theater Directing. Get experience as an actor first, before you try to direct. This will give you the empathy and invaluable first-hand experience of what it takes to be a successful Director.


Good Advice for Young Directors On behalf of, my name is Joseph Adler and I'm producing artistic director of GableStage in Coral Gables, Florida. It’s difficult to give advice to young directors. There are so many ways to approach this field. I was just going to say this business but anybody who thinks theater is a business doesn’t belong in theater especially not for profit theater. I would say that there are traditional paths and then these days one of the best ways for young directors to get started is to form their own company. Get together with some of the actors they are working with or studied with and do some readings. And then put enough money together to get a small venue and put on they’re own play. So many new theater groups have evolved from that kind of beginning. Its incredible how much can come out of that sort of endeavor. People getting together that’s put on a show. And some amazing work happens. Some amazing plays get develop in that atmosphere. So that’s one way to do it. Then of course, there are the other traditional, more traditional ways working for a company, volunteering to work as an assistant to a director. Sometimes stage managing although not every stage manager is looking to become a director. It certainly a great training ground for directors. And if you go to a Non equity theater and stage manage, that can be a great path. There are so many things to do. But first and foremost, I would say get some experience as an actor. I studied acting before I became a director not because I ever seriously intended to pursue that craft for my career, but because I felt that as a director it would be -- it just so crucial for me to understand the process from an actor’s point of view. So I think every director should do some acting. That’s a certainty. And of course, keep doing scenes. Get young actors to work with you and find any way you can to get people to take direction. On behalf of, I'm Joseph Alder. Thank you for watching.