Golf Tips for Beginners and Advanced Players
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In this golfing video gets some valuable tips and advice on how to play the game and what equipment to buy.


Veronica Delfino: Hi! I am Veronica with and today we're going to learn tips from a pro on how to improve your golf game. Where all those golfers are aspiring golfers, do you have any tips for them? Debbie Savoy-Morel: Well, it's important to just start out with good base, just like in any business, you need a good solid foundation. So, a good grip, good posture, and good alignment. So I want you to hold the grip just as if you were holding a hammer. So, we're going to take it in this hand and notice when you hold this, it is really in the fingers. Okay, what we want to do is just going to cover your thumb. It's like the house covers your thumb. Perfect! Veronica Delfino: For people who have already been golfing, do you have any tips for them? Debbie Savoy-Morel: Someone who's golfed a long time and doesn't have the time or energy to necessarily put into practicing, well then I'd recommend that they really work hard on the short game. So, if we're looking at putting and chipping, all shots from within a 100 yards represent 64% of your game. Veronica Delfino: Is there any difference in how men and women should play golf? Debbie Savoy-Morel: Not really, but there is a difference in learning it. Men, physically, are strong enough that even if their technique isn't good, they're still going to hit the ball a fair distance. Women, because we have less physical strength, if we don't have a good technique, the ball is not going to go anywhere. So, it's really, really important that women must have a good technique if they want to hit the golf ball. So, when you hold your hands up in front of you, the club face, if it's straight, the sole here is going to point right towards the sky. That means your club faces straight. Veronica Delfino: And how do you go about choosing the club for your swing? Debbie Savoy-Morel: Don't just go buy a set of clubs off-the-rack. It's important to check, and there is quite a few variables that are considered. One is the length of your arms, one is your height, one is the size of your hands, and then after that what we have to check is in the golf swing, to see how do you swing, depending on the posture you have and how far you're placed from the ball, etcetera. Veronica Delfino: Does the quality of the balls make a difference? Debbie Savoy-Morel: The golf balls have improved so much over the last five years. That's what's improved the most in the industry. So there aren't any bad balls out there anymore. This is a little exercise that just makes it easier to get into an athletic posture. You're going to pretend that you're going to do a Japanese bow. Okay, so bow, let the club drop to the ground, and flex your knees slightly. Perfect! Yes!