Going Beyond Recipes in Epicurious
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Epicurious goes beyond simple online recipe sharing and offers articles, healthy eating guides, cooking and entertaining tips, online meal planners, health news and much more. Dig into the site to unlock a wealth of valuable food-related information and news.


Epicurious isn’t just about finding and sharing recipes. It’s also a one stop shop for food related news and articles. Hover over the Articles and Guides tab. The first thing you’ll see is the Epilog which is full of food news and views from all over. This is where you’ll find up to date news on the food industry and articles about health as well. The Entertainment section will give you tips and tricks for planning parties and events. And if you scroll down, right now, there are ideas for types of parties to have based on your favorite TV show. Just click on the title to see more of the party idea. Everyday cooking is where you can find weekly meal planners and there are ideas for everyday of the week. You can find a planner for every week out of the month. You can do the entire menu and the shopping list for the entire week full of meals. The Healthy section is where you can find healthy recipe ideas and health news and information articles. There's a dining and travel guide, interviews from chefs and experts and even a section for drinks. Browse through the articles and guides because there's something in there for everyone. Thanks for watching, and don’t miss the next episode in the finding enjoying recipes with Epicurious series.