Goal Setting Tips - Part 10
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Goal Setting Advice and Tips - What is the ninth commandment of goal setting?


Host: What is the ninth commandment of goal setting? Gary Ryan Blair: The ninth commandment is thou shall reward yourself and rewards are just a powerful instrument and often they are under utilized or sometimes not utilized at all, but we see rewards for a three legged race. Heck, there is a show on TV now, it talks about the biggest loser and what you find is you have got some people really competing aggressively whether it's for a car, whether it's for a phone call home or a bunch of different stuff. It provides an additional incentive to stay focused and stay motivated and continues to drive you. So, it's another reason, why number one. Number two is, it has to be earned. You can't just go down to the store and buy one of those things. You have to earn it and there is a wonderful feeling that comes along with that but the key and I emphasize the key is that a reward is a symbol. It's a symbol of intrinsic values. The intrinsic values, whether you take an Oscar, an Emmy, a championship ring or that ribbon for a three legged race, or even for a best cattle call at a turkey contest or something like that, it doesn't really matter. What you will realize is that in order to achieve any of those, you have got to be focused, you have got to be decisive, you have probably going to have to have a team, you are going to overcome failure and difficulty that you are going to have to enforce commitment, that you are going to have to honor your values, is a whole series of intrinsic values that's need to be demonstrated, for the entire world to see in order for you to enjoy that reward. So, the quick summary of reward is an extrinsic reminder of intrinsic values and that's crucial.