Girls Stay Healthy by Reading
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A recent study proves girls can lose weight with reading. Find out how "Lake Rescue" helped tween age girls lose weight and lower their BMI during a Duke University Obesity Study.


Could reading actually help you loose weight, well according to new study from Duke University it can, I am here on Beacon Street in Brooklyn Massachusetts and here what I found that actually this is where the offices are located in where the books used for the study are pasted out off. So I had a chance to sit down with Addie Swartz the founder and owner the company between productions that actually publishes these books. The study suggest that reading positive life style themes books like the Beacon Street Girls, Lake Rescue may cause girls to adopt help their behavior to ultimately loose weight a mixed and obsessed in full of these fest culture finding positive influences for girls age 9 to 13 with something is Swartz felt have to do. Addie Swartz: I have two daughters and when my elder daughter was 9 and a half I felt that she was gravitating towards messages and roll models that were really over the top and inappropriate for her so does the Paris Hilton, Britney Spears' of the world. So I thought what I an amazing thing if you could create media that could positively impact girl's behavior. So, that was really genesis for creating the company and the idea of the Beacon Street Girls. After hard work in developing their 6th books Addie thought. Addie Swartz: Would it be amazing if you could prove that a book could change behavior. Addie contacted researchers of Duke University to tell them about her book Lake Rescue. Addie Swartz: So I said we have a book that address how the child's obesity and we have all these experts that have worked with us on this book, could you be interested to look at it. Now Gossip Girls recently started out as a Book Series and now it is on TV and that has become so popular. How do you compete with it? Addie Swartz: Sex sells it has for generation, as a nine year old or ten year old girl ready for gossip girl and so the Beacon Street Girls is really aimed at offering that girl all the adventure and fun of middle school all the romance they get an environment that is safe fun and G-rated. But the main question that still remains is could the findings of the study have a similar effect on adults. Addie Swartz: The company was designed my vision was to make it so we would speak to kids in kid's language. Kids absorb media that is how kids respond and take away from the media so why not provide the media that helps them. Go to for more information and actually interact with all the characters in the various books and also do not forget to subscribe to our channel Die Health for new tips and fitness serials every week see you next time.