Gift Giving in Relationships
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So it is holiday time, and that means it could get a little tense for those in relationships. Like when it comes to gift giving; how much is too much. We decided to turn to our trusty relationship experts for some advice.


Host: Holiday time and that means it could get a little tense for those people out there in a relationship like when it comes to gift giving how much is too much so we decided to turn to our trusty relationship experts for some advice in today’s Ask Matt and Tamsen. Tamsen: Hey, everybody, Matt and Tamsen here answering your questions about dating, sex, love and relationships. Are you ready? Matt: I’m ready. Tamsen: It’s holidays so I know we have a lot of them. Dear Matt and Tamsen, my husband always goes all out on gifts during the holiday season. She’s lucky. Matt: Sounds like me. Tamsen: He’s very generous with the kids and totally over the top with me. This year though, we’re not in any type of financial position to do the holiday spending that he loves to do. How do I tell him not to spend money especially on me without insulting him? This can be difficult. Matt: Guys love to spend money and they love to spend money on their wives during the holiday season and when you don’t have the same amount of income, you don’t feel like a real man. It can hurt your ego, you don’t feel like you’re taking care of everybody. It’s terrible. Tamsen: It really is but you need to let him know that everyone’s kind of in a real pinch right now. It’s not just him so he doesn’t feel like he’s singled out or your family’s singled out. Let him know that this is a sign of the times. This is the economy that we’re in right now so everyone’s cutting back. Matt: And I’ve got the greatest solution. Tell him that you guys want to take your first romantic vacation around Valentine ’s Day. That will give him time to save and it’s something that you’ll remember because you don’t do it all the time. Christmas, Hanukkah, they happen every year but do an escape. Save the money and make that happen. It’ll be better for the whole family and for you too especially. Tamsen: Definitely, it’ll give him something to look forward to as well as you. Alright if you have any questions, be sure and send them our way. Until next time. Host: I love those two. If you have question for Matt and Tamsen, just email them at askm&