Get Twittering - Twitter for Beginners - #3 - Twitter on Your Mobile Phone
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You can Twitter on your PC, but the real power of Twitter comes when you're mobile. Once you've registered your mobile phone with Twitter you can SMS quick posts and updates to keep your friends, family and other followers apprised of what you're up to. You can also receive SMS updates from people you follow. In this episode we'll help you setup your mobile phone with Twitter.


Get Twittering - Twitter for Beginners - #3 - Twitter on Your Mobile Phone Welcome back to the Twitter for Beginners Series. Besides being able to use Twitter on the web through this website, you can also use Twitter on your mobile phone. This is useful if you want to find out what the people you are following are posting to Twitter when you’re not in your computer. It also allows you to send post to Twitter from your phone. Enter in your mobile phone number. First, add a plus sign and then your number. Check this box to allow Twitter to send text messages to your mobile phone and then save. You then need to verify that this is your phone by text messaging the code you see, to 40404. You should receive a text verification from Twitter. If at anytime you want to stop receiving text from Twitter, just send the message OFF to 40404. In your settings in the devices section, you can choose to turn your phone on or off from the website or you can choose to have your messages sent to your direct messages in your Twitter account. I’ll go over direct messages in the 7th episode in the series. You can also choose to turn text updates off or put them to sleep during specific hours you set here. Now when you click on follow to start communicating with someone, you’ll be able to turn your mobile device updates on or off. If they’re on whenever this person posts something new to Twitter, you’ll receive it as a text messages. Remember, there are ten parts to this series so don’t forget to check out the other episodes in the Twitter for Beginners Series.